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Socoder -> Basic Basement -> No BASIC forums?

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Sun, 06 May 2007, 12:38
It's kinda funny. SoCoder got 2 forums for blitzusers (Blitz and Blitzmax ._.) and even a forum for the all new Cobra language. But no forum for the BASIC languages oth there (DarkBasicPro, Emergence Basic, Pure Basic, Free Basic, etc.). I just wonder: why?
Sun, 06 May 2007, 12:59
I don't think many people here program in Pure or Dark Basic. But if we had an 'other language' section, it could go in there.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 13:05
Well, a "BASIC" language forum would be nice as well. Btw: I forgot to mention Visual Basic 2005 Express. It's free and a quite nice approach in .Net programming.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 13:25
C# is better.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 13:49
C# is a Java imitation that Microsoft developed because they lost their Java license. It's a well language (just like Java) but no BASIC coder will say that C# is better than Visual Basic 2005. So your statement is not true. It's better for YOU. It's not better in general for everybody.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 14:05
Java imitation? I completely agree. Having learnt Java first, that's why I found it so easy to try. But C# is definitely an improvement.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 14:08
Well, that's getting off topic now. I'm a ANSI C freak. C# is nice for an OO language but I prefer the procedural languages and there are many people like me. BASIC is an important tree of programming languages and that's why I think there should be an subforum =)
Sun, 06 May 2007, 14:50
Hello f4ktor. Welcome to the forum.
I haven't added a "Other Basics" section, because so far nobody asked for one.
We used to have a Delphi/Pascal section but it was completely empty and was originally replaced with the Ruby one.

So, which would you prefer... A specific language, "Other Basics" or "Other Languages"?

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Sun, 06 May 2007, 14:59
I think 'Other Languages' is better, as it will encumpas other basics too. Besides, if a type of basic does become popular you could give it a specific section.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 15:02
Yeah, but f4ktor's right in saying that, if we have a C Section, we should have a.. .... Basic Basement...?

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Sun, 06 May 2007, 15:06
power mousey

thats a good suggestion DD.

I agree and I think you're right about an
'Other Languages' section.
It will encompass up n coming languages as well.

power mousey
Sun, 06 May 2007, 15:12
OK, discuss, and then tomorrow I'll get round to adding whatever you decided on.
In fact, if there's any other sections you'd like to see added, let me know.

Tomorrow I've a few site things to work on, so I can get this done whilst I'm at it. (Since I now have to also draw new Panel things, it's not as easy as it should be to just add new sections! Bugger!!)

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Sun, 06 May 2007, 15:19
power mousey

well....Nuclear Basic is coming out.
first to the beta testers and then eventually
to the public.
I don't know when the first initial
public demo and retail release will be.
But, I can see the beta for the testers on the event
horizon fast approaching.

And again, as steve, flying cucco, and even myself
know....the XGS 2 will be coming out sometime this year.
*come on Andre Lamonthe and Hackin...decide on
a prototype for the cubic computer.console I don't
care if it contains an Arm 10 or even a few SX-52 micro-controllers or even dual or quad propeller chips. *

Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:11
Hallo f4ktor! ANSI C freaks are the best kind of freaks

Hey, Jay - while you're at fiddling with the forums, could we perhaps have another topic for misc. computing issues. I mean, some topics have nothing specifially to do with programming and end up in Off Topic, such as the threads "(X)Ubuntu?", "JustBasic", "Game Requirements", "Do you make a design document?"

Although some of those could have fit into the "concept and design" section, some might fit better into a "Misc." section or something. I can't think of what to call it though.

blog | work | code | more code
Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:17
I agree on C being the best. But I prefer ISO (C99) to ANSI (C89). Those // comments are just so awesome.

I think we should just have an 'Other languages' section. That said, I don't really care where the topics go. I haven't been into the forum list page in months. I just use the sidebar.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:21
Well, I'd go for the "BASIC" section because it wouldn't be fair to say there is Blitz and BlitzMax and C and Cobra and all the other languages. So if you go for the "other languages" solution then you can put at least Cobra into this subforum because Cobra is nowhere near C or even Blitz/BlitzMax, let alone all the BASIC dialects that are swirring around. If you go for a "BASICs" section then you could put all the Blitz postings in there since it's BlitzBASIC. BlitzMax is a whole new language but I'm not sure if that isn't BASIC as well. Syntaxwise it's clearly OO style BASIC. Your site, your decision. I'm happy you found my suggestion useful =)

Edit: "I agree on C being the best. But I prefer ISO (C99) to ANSI (C89)." - I'm learning ISO right now, it's not much different to ANSI but it got some extensions like long long that are so awesome =) May I suggest everyone who wants to program pure C to look at the LCC (little C compiler). I like it very much although the function libs are not thread safe. But it's very cool to program DLLs in C and call them from BASIC (long time favourite was PureBasic but they simply don't get the 3D part done right).
Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:22
It's a nice idea Ben, but this is a computing site so I don't find off-topic an odd place for many of those topic. I don't think it's as essential as a 'miscelanious programming' section.

Perhaps 'miscelanious computing' for any programming or computing discussion that don't fit into any other sections?
Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:44
I haven't added a "Other Basics" section, because so far nobody asked for one.

Can we have a C#/XNA one ?.
Sun, 06 May 2007, 16:56
@steve: this would go in the C section "The classic language, from plain C, to C# and beyond".
Sun, 06 May 2007, 17:01
I know. Why doesn't each member have their own section to start their own topics in? Oh wait, that's called a blog.

Wed, 09 May 2007, 13:36
I have PureBasic which is good for extending the functions of Blitz 2d and Basic4GL, which I also have.

Wed, 09 May 2007, 16:20
power mousey


I also have PureBasic too. I also have the book
Krylar wrote. Which is "Programming 2d Scrolling Games".
Very good and interestings.


yeah so true. Blog logs.


Yo estoy de acuerdo, Senor. A miscellaneous topic section.
The Of topics for anything thats off. True.
Misc. topics and tid bits and bytes of computers and
programming goes into the Miscellaneous and Etc. section.

I was thinking of sections such as this:

okay, OFF TOPIC for Off the wall subjects,topics and replies.
then, programming sections such as Basic and C/C++.
then a few other sections for rare, exotic, and misc programming languages.
then a section for specifically and in particular 3d and modelling too.
and then one big section for Books,movies, tv and film.
combine these all.
one section for web site programming and development.
Such as topics and info related to HTML,PHP, Apache, and the like and fashion. (No, not the Apache Indians nor the Apache Helicopter. Although that would be Off Topic. )
and then eventually the Misc Computing Section.

Wed, 09 May 2007, 17:23
We will need a miscellaneous programming section for when the next new member finds Brainfuck's Wikipedia page.
Wed, 09 May 2007, 17:30
power mousey


Thu, 10 May 2007, 17:41
Don't forget to include the forum for Basic4GL
Thu, 10 May 2007, 19:13
Don't forget to include the forum for Basic4GL

Uhh... No.

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