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Posted : Friday, 08 June 2018, 16:48

Sony MDR-ZX110NA : Headphone Thoughts

On Monday 18th, the builders will arrive to do the repointing. The last (hopefully) of the Big Jobs around the house. (We've been saving up since getting the roof done, a number of years ago!)
Uncle David, worried about my head-issues, bought me some earplugs that might help, but I figured if I’m going to be sat with something making me deaf, why not play with some technology whilst I’m at it!?

I’ve never really looked into spending such an amount on headphones, but these Sony ones seemed a nice middle-ground, price-point wise.

They feature "Noise Cancelling Technology", and, although I’m unsure if they’ll do the intended job, I figured they were at least something worth trying out.

I'll know for sure if the intended feature actually works in a couple of weeks time, but so far I tried them out with a quick test bit of audio. Youtube : Pneumatic Drill was the test, and .. yeah, it seemed to do ok, more or less.

As for actually being headphones...

They take one single AAA battery, and have a little on off switch, which turns on the audio muffling functionality.
Unfortunately, this also powers the headphones, and .. well... this is my usual complaint with Sony.

Sony have an annoying habit of thinking everyone should see in BRIGHTER .. MORE COLOR on their TVs, or MORE CONTRAST and EPIC SHARPNESS in their photos, and .. in this case, MORE BASS in their audio..
Sony seem to have some kind of issue with things being reproduced the way they were intended...

The fucking headphones act like a giant pair of bloody subwoofers, so much so that (for the first time EVER) I found myself digging for iOS's equaliser Settings.

Tonight, after about an hour of playing stupidly loud bass in my head (which, by the way, my head can't fucking cope with in the first place) I've plonked my Apple Earbuds back in, so I can listen to audio in the intended manner.


Hopefully they at least successfully muffle all the repointing noise, next week..

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Posted : Friday, 08 June 2018, 23:23
I have a pair of Beats bluetooth ear buds, I like them and mostly use them when I'm doing a spot of travelling because there's no wire getting caught on my man bag, and when I'm not listening to anything, they click together forming a loop around my neck, so I cannot lose them, they are very non-intrusive, so much so I sometimes forget to take them off and put them in the tray when going through airport security!

They do keep the audio levels reasonable as well, even when the volume is full whack, they dont rattle your skull.

So yeah, headphone/buds wise, if they broke, I'd sharp buy another set again no problem.


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Posted : Saturday, 09 June 2018, 06:06
That's the catch - wireless headphones are either good, or expensive. Pick only one!!!

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Posted : Sunday, 10 June 2018, 08:48
I have yet to find a pair ot bluetooth headphones/earbuds that don't constantly cut out if I put my phone in my pocket.

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