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Mon, 10 Aug 2020, 07:29
Downloaded both Call of Duty and Fall Guys from PSPlus, but haven't attempted to play either due to Remote Play cutting out all the damn time.
Will wait for a fix.
.. god, I hope they fix that...

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Thu, 13 Aug 2020, 14:55

I mean, seriously, this is beyond a joke..

I was drifting towards my freighter when an enemy popped out of nowhere and opened fire.
And then the game crashed..
I waited the obligatory few seconds, hopped back in, crash.
Again, crash.
And again..
And again and again and again...
Eventually docked, I saved and quit.


So, I thought, what about that Android version..
I dug out the tab (SM-T590) and found that the reason it won't play Remote Play with the DualShock is because the tablet is only running Android 9.
To get it to run Android 10, it needs the update.
And ..
Oh, yeah, this is Android..

The update exists for the t590, and is being released bit by bit in a way that can only be described as monumentally fucking moronic.
Instead, I've opted to "install the update manually", which requires me to jump through a myriad of hacking methods, install strange and dodgy looking software, and download a 3gb firmware update at 100kb/s from a fucking pirate-looking forum, or pay for "premium access" and a faster download.

I've left the MacMini to download the file, slowly. God only knows if it will.. it's up to 18%.

The sheer insanity caused by Google's lack of control, is downright disgusting to me.
"But it's free".. yes, but it's very fucked up...

What happens next?

Will this firmware update download?
Will the firmware update even install?
Will the firmware update be riddled with viruses?

Will Apple release a better working beta?
Apple released THIS BROKEN BETA as their public beta, yesterday!

Or will Sony come along and release an updated Remote Play?

God only knows...
Find out tomorrow..

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Fri, 14 Aug 2020, 07:57
Aaah, that's better.
Got Android10 installed, remote play app installed, hooked up the controller, got in the game, and played for what must've been a good 3 hour session, without it dropping out once.
Ok, the Android tablet finally has a purpose!!

.. or at least, until the iPad gets a fix, that is.

The Android's a noticeably lesser quality image, even with the res pumped up to max. Not sure why that is, but I assume the iOS edition uses some kind of "super iPad power" to clean up the image as it goes.

Meanwhile, I had four space battles today, without a single crash.

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Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 09:57
iOS14 beta 5 appeared today, and the Remote Play app is back to "working" again!
And, whether it's the shitty slow image processing of the Samsung tab, or the crappy WiFi tech of the Samsung tab, or .. anything, really.
But the game looks WAY better streamed to the iPad.

It's crisp and clear, and seems more vibrant and colourful.
I might see if I can take some comparison shots, later.

(Currently eating!!)

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Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 12:17
Nope..Given up on that

Tried to take screenshots on Android, but it refused to let me, declaring that it couldn't for security reasons..!

The program's set to 540p video streaming. Anything over that tends to glitch out and lag a little more often than I'd like, whereas the 540 is silky smooth.

This is the quality I'm seeing on iPad. Note that there's a lot of antialiasing on that screenshot.
On the Android, that's missing entirely, and godawful crappy chunks are all over the place.
It wasn't something I noticed whilst playing normally, though, only when reading the tiny text in menus and the like.

I imagine it's some form of fsaa'ing, and that my cheap Samsung Tab 10.5 A 2018 T590 (!) simply doesn't have the oomph for that sort of thing.

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Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 13:08
That apple hardware really is something. I noticed the A13 chip in my iphonese2020 is 3 times more powerfull than the A9 ichip n my ipad 2017. I am not even thinking of using my old android phone for anything now.

This space game? Is there any mining in it like in minecraft? With large tunnel systems and such?
Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 14:04
There is a terrain gun thing, and it can mine, or add terrain, or flatten, or "restore"..
. But it's not very precise, and is all kinds of messy when you try to use it.

You can use it to build/destruct.. and the flatten tool is handy to make surfaces to build your base on top of...
Generally I end up using it to dig up buried equipment, and then leave!!

But, there are objects you can build with, starting with simple primitives, and going on up to entire rooms with tech in them. You learn more blueprints as the game progresses, and can construct your own little (or large) base.
Kinda cool.
There's also metals to mine, then feed through a refiner to make more elements to construct/trade, and also vegetation.
I got the blueprints for a food processor, yesterday, and have started using it to steam my peas!!
Steamed peas are good for health, but also worth more than regular peas.
I'm going to have to experiment with foodstuffs, I reckon.

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Wed, 19 Aug 2020, 20:46

Learning to cook!
Got some fungus from a mined giant mushroom thing, processed that to make none-toxic mushrooms, then blended it with the peas to make a stew.
Nom nom.

And sells for a nice price.
I'll be experimenting with this for bloody hours, now!!!

Meanwhile bulked up my Beachhouse base a bit more, using the Circular and Square prefab base blocks.
Couple of landing pads, up the front.
All is good!!


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Fri, 21 Aug 2020, 19:30


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Sat, 22 Aug 2020, 09:47

OMG!! Such stupid fun!!

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Tue, 25 Aug 2020, 20:14

Admiring the Beachhouse

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Wed, 26 Aug 2020, 19:53


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Fri, 28 Aug 2020, 12:05
Thanks Jay; didn't know I could remote play the ps4 on my laptop; done it the VITA, but the screen size made gaming impossible... Spent the last few days playing Thief and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided throught remote play on my laptop while waiting for website stuff...

Have to wait again, as I've had to change hosts once more. If this one doesn't work properly, I will be starting my OWN server in the new year. (Would do it sooner, but the ps5 is taking funds atm, hehehe...)
Fri, 28 Aug 2020, 12:17
I'm not sure I'll be upgrading so soon. after all, my PS4s only a couple of months old?
That I'm quite happy to play NMS, (nearly 100 hours, already!) and haven't yet touched the two PSPlus games from this month, cements the fact that I'm not likely to want much from the PS5.

Unless they announce Parappa3 or No Man's Sky 2, I don't think I'll be shifting.

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Sat, 29 Aug 2020, 19:49

I swear, I can't stop playing this!!
100 hours and counting.
All my Frontier Elite II skills are leaping back into place, alongside my lack of doing ANYTHING ELSE!!

I reached 100 hours of gameplay, tonight.

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Wed, 02 Sep 2020, 13:19
Aw, man, it's next month already!
Tried playing Fall Guys, but it's completely unplayable with my setup.
Seems that the PS4 is too busy sending a stream to my iPad that it can't then also handle a decent online connection.
I'd been seeing stuttery-jumpy online characters in the No Man's Sky "Anomaly", where other online users interact, but I thought that was just a one-off.
But.. No.. It's pretty much anywhere.
The PS4 (or more likely, my decade old Virgin SuperHub) just can't take the strain of sending fullscreen video and audio across the wifi network, at the same time as trying to play things online.
Bah, humbug.

Also.. Haven't played Call of Duty. Probably should. Can't be arsed..

This month's games are Street Fighter V and PUBG.. Well, I think we'll know which of those I won't be playing!

They're currently downloading whilst the system's in Rest Mode, where it doesn't have to keep streaming the video to the iPad!

I may yet attempt Call of Duty.
..But if I'm honest, the next time I log-in, it'll be to play more No Man's Sky.

I bought a nice new ship, yesterday, and now have to do that whole "Kit out your new ship" stuff again. *tsk*

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Wed, 23 Sep 2020, 09:08

No Man's Sky got a nice big update today, with new planets, new plant life, new weather patterns and more.

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Wed, 23 Sep 2020, 09:49

View on YouTube
Thu, 24 Sep 2020, 17:26
If you're tempted to rocket into the cosmos, No Man's Sky is currently half price in Steam.

It's also roughly half-ish on PS4, too, but it depends on all kinds of factors, and the webpage isn't giving me a straight answer!!!

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Fri, 09 Oct 2020, 14:48
It's next month, again..
I should probably play some of those PSPlus games, huh?

(And/Or, Jay's in a videogame mood, but No Man's Sky's doing a 6Gb update.)

Street Fighter V

I got as far as the tutorial.
I found myself thinking "Jesus fuck, it's fucking Street Fighter, I don't need a pissing tutorial for fucking Street Fighter", then realised I could skip the tutorial.
Thank fuck!!

.. Then it loaded up the second Tutorial!
So I quit, and deleted the game.

The other game, last month was PubG.
And that's all I'm going to say about that.

October 2020 PSPlus Games

Need for Speed Payback

The game starts off well enough. You on a desert track, checkpoints to drive through, and ..
Lots and lots of yapping in the background.
The various drivers chunnering on at each other, talking about an upcoming heist.
Blah blah this, and blah blah that.

Fuck sake, what happened to just making a damn racing game, with like, races, and no need for a sodding storyline and other such crap.
On and on and on.
"When we get there, you can drive cos you are fast"
"OMG, I hope it's not like that last time"
The characters were relentless in their need to make a story out of a fucking racing game.

Here's the end of the story : DELETE!


Somebody can't spell..
Main menu gave an option between Story Mode or Normal Mode. Hurray says I, No fucking Story!!!
I opted for Normal mode, hoping for no story.
There was still a story.

What is gameplay, but storylines, endless..

Once the game got going, I was escaping through a dark village with occasional simple-to-defeat baddies trudging after me.
The world did seem a bit dark, and there was a lot of "Tiny iPad screen vs Tiny button-icons" squinting going on, but it seemed alright.
This one will be kept.

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Wed, 14 Oct 2020, 08:55

The PS4 Remote Play app got a nice update, today.
The app now fully supports the PS4 DualShock's inputs, meaning that little touchpad now works, as does the PlayStation button.

There's still no rumble or any other feedback, though.

Additionally, the app now also supports PS5, so if you're getting one of those.. then. You know.. that!!
I imagine the lack of feedback might be a downside, for the PS5. Hopefully they've worked out a good way to support things on that end.

|update| A further update seems to have woken up the rumble. Neat!! |update|

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Thu, 07 Jan 2021, 09:40
I'm supposed to have been posting about the PSPlus games, aren't I?
Sorry. Every time I boot up the thing, I'm playing No Man's Sky!!

This month's PSPlus games are another Tomb Raider (Shadow of the Tomb Raider) and some other game I can't remember the name of (Greedfall)

Last month's were Worms Rumble, Rocket Arena and Just Cause 4.
Worms Rumble is an online Realtime worms game.
Due to the Playstation knackering itself out doing the Remote Play stuff, I can't do RemotePlay AND OnlinePlay at the same time, so as much as I was excited to see what Worms Rumble was like, I can only play the Tutorial, and that's quite dull.
Why there's no single-player mode.. Who knows..!?

Other recent PSPlus downloads that I haven't bothered to play yet, and are just sitting on my PS4's home menu, taking up HD space, include Shadow of War, Hollow Knight and PubG.
None of those I've bothered to play, either.

Free games! woot!

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Sun, 31 Jan 2021, 14:14
Decided to try Just Cause 4 tonight.
Lots of Grapple Hook stuff, which was initially fun, but inevitably sickly.
With enemies spawned all around me, and me trying to figure out which direction was which after a grapple-shot, I quickly became fairly disorientated.

Have a headache, now.

Still on "the training mission", became too sickly to proceed, quit game.
I wonder if this game is a nice big open world, or if it's very much mission based?

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Mon, 01 Feb 2021, 00:27
Just Cause 4 was a real disappointment for me. I can't see them making another that plays as 2 and 3 did, and that's pretty sad.
Sun, 07 Feb 2021, 06:09
Sat on the couch doing nothing, so figured I'd try this month's PSPlus games.

1. Concrete Genie

Failed At : Controller Issues
The game uses the motion sensing of the Dual Shock to draw. Given that I'm playing via Remote Play.. .. and .. well.. that didn't go very well!!
I could definitely feel the lag, and it was definitely not sending all of the signal data.
Not a game for Remote Play.

I got as far as the tutorial, so I honestly don't even know what the game-proper is actually about.

2. Control

Failed At : Animation
Sometimes it's the motion sickness that makes me quit a game. Sometimes it's extreme difficulty. Other times it can be horrific audio issues.
I don't think I've ever rage-quit a game because the main character doesn't animate...
.. But I did, today!!

The character walked around a small room, and a few items had "Press Square to Interact" doohickeys lit up. You walk up to the item, hit Square, and then..

The text on the screen says you picked up the item.

The character doesn't pick up the item.
The character doesn't move.
The item just vanishes.

And my head yelled "Fuxake. I might as well be playing a Menu... What's the point of going to all this effort, to make a modern looking 3D story-based game, if you can't even be arsed to animate the character's arm to pick up the object..?"

And, you know what.. That's just not fucking good enough.

I rage quit.
Fuck you, inanimate player character.

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Thu, 11 Feb 2021, 03:14
I chuckle every time PS5 is mentioned. Oh, no! Bought a PS4 when PS5 is about to launch? Now PS5 has been "out" for a third of a year and even if you can find one there's nothing to play on it you can't play just as well on PS4 and get the PS5 version's graphical upgrades for free whenever you do get one.

All the raw, animal magnetism of a rutabaga.
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