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Created : 12 April 2018

#361 - Off The News

Weekly Newsletter

; Off The News

#361 - Friday 13th April, 2018

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Every Friday, Unlucky..


; "The Jayenkai Show"

Seems my "stop being so bloody miserable" rule isn’t going over too well.
GfK's decided to leave, and I’m fairly sure others are in the same boat.

If you feel similarly, let me know.
I don't think I'm at fault for trying to cheer the site up.

We've been on a downward spiral for about 3 years, now, and something has to be done.
Let's try to cheer the hell up, make more Coding threads, and less "The world is a shithole" threads.

We know the world's a shithole.
We see it every day on Twitter, Facebook and other social platforms.

It's time to dig out of the crap, and make Socoder a little more lively again.

Post if you've got 'em.



; Make it Spin

Spin-al wants to spin a picture around, in the fastest way possible, without too much maths being involved.
Can he do it?!

; Additional Spinning


; TinyBasic

Dan creates a parser in BlitzBasic for TinyBasic..!
Sounds complex, and potentially slow due to Blitz's slow speed when it comes to strings.
But, bravo for giving it a go!


; The Orville

Jay finally gets around to watching the whole of The Orville - Season One
Incidentally, since having enjoyed the trip back into "Proper Trek" territory, he's now started rewatching random episodes from TNG and Voyager.

; Gremlins 3!

Guard your childhood.. They're planning a sequel.
(At least it's not a shitty reboot!!)


; Post Your Desktop

Screenshot your desktop and stick it in the thread! You know how these things work!!

; Write

All about "Write" and possibly other long forgotten commands that, at one time seemed really useful, but that you never actually used.


; Face2Pay

Would Facebook work better if it had a subscription fee?

; Milk

Milk bottles are apparently set to return to the streets, because..
Brexit or something!


With sincere apologies for the influx!!

; How To E-Mail

View on YouTube

; Coming Next


; Sold!

Epic rap battle.

; Furious Outtakes

Not very funny, IMO, but did make me want to rewatch the movie.

; Is It Wicked?

Do you really like it?

; 360 Camera

Pricy, but that’s a NICE feature!!

; Prime

The prime is the key

; Kermit

It’s not easy bring green..
.. wait..

; Chicken


; Awww!

So cute!!!

; EP

A nice half hour of swingy techno remix music.

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube





And your favourite


TVCover Corner

View on YouTube




And then...


... and then...


VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube









Arrr, that be plenty.

Load, Next List!



Thursday, 12 April 2018, 15:18
GfK's decided to leave

He'll be back, nobody can escape this place.
Friday, 13 April 2018, 13:37
Great (and sad) to see Carol Lee Scott again (Grotbags). RIP


And Kapp'n. Nobody does it better than the original guy though. Kapp'n and KK - two very kool dudes.