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Created : 18 January 2023
Edited : 01 February 2023

#596 - I have to come up with names for these, now

Weekly Newsletter

I have to come up with names for these, now.

#596 - Thursday 19th January, 2023

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"Every" Thursday?


Hello World

"There's a new Quantum Leap!"
Me and Mum excitedly explained how it continues the previous series, to my Uncle and Aunt, whilst their two "kids" listened on.
My cousins both being young adults, one working in design who just bought her own house, the other younger, currently contemplating moving out of the family home.
They're not kids any more.

And yet... neither of them had a bloody clue what Quantum Leap was.
In fact, the younger of the two wasn't born until AFTER the FUTURE in which the the original series is set.

... fuck, that made me feel old.


Brush Factory

Pakz has been working on a lovely looking tool that allows you to proc-gen some brushes, then use them to draw on an image. (Or at least, I think that's what this tool is. Please do correct me if I'm wrong, Pakz!)
He's been very busy working on it, and from his recent posts and Tweets, seems to be coming along well with it.
First blog, starting the project
Second blog, continuing the project


November 2022

Rychan's project from November's Mind Poke has become a much larger project than expected, and not only has he got a fully formed NES game, but he's now looking into putting together a proper Cart, with a lovely box, and hopefully selling a number of copies.
It's a fantastic result for what was supposed to be a gentle little Poke!
You can wish him luck in the November Mind Poke thread.

January 2023

This month's Mind Poke started off well enough, but chaos took over!
Rychan had to put down his project and focus on his November one, whilst Jay's project ended up twisting and turning into something so completely off the original path that it no longer made sense to include it in the Mind Poke thread.
Still, there's 8 words to inspire you.
Will they?
Head into the thread, and find out.


Nom Vom '23

Rockford's back with our favourite snack based thread.
What wonderful joys has Mrs Rockford supplied this year?
Find out, as the snacks attack!


Jay opens the Degustobox for the last time, and says goodbye to all the goddamned Knorr Stock Pots.


Wrapping Values

Pakz asks a puzzling programming maths problem, and it all comes down to a Mod / % function.
I keep meaning to write some kind of maths logic tutorial series that goes over things like this, but I can never come up with any puzzling maths issues until AFTER they've already been asked on the forum.


Apple Drops

Apple have unveiled more of their stupidly expensive computers, from a £650 desktop that doesn't even come with a keyboard, let alone a screen, to a £6,700 laptop that hopefully does have a screen.
.. But I wouldn't put it past them.

Creepy Wifi

Wifi signals from basic bog-standard wifi routers have been used to create a radar-like 3D map of people within a room.
Scary creepy 1984 style technology.. Only 39 years out!!


Jay's created two thread all about himself because he's a self centred arsehole.
His ALChoon thread so far has three tunes.

And his AGameAWeek thread so far has three games.

Three.. That's the magic number.


Crazy Chaos

Jay rejigged the AGameAWeek site so much, this month, that all the Spiderbots have assumed it's new data, and are currently busying away hammering the server, trying to update themselves.
All of them.
All at once.
And the server is coping admirably, but is occasionally stuttering at the moment.
The CPU Load managed to hit 58% at one point this week. Yikes!!

Podcast Section?

The YouTube section of the newsletter has been falling to bits over the course of the past few years, and mostly that's down to adverts.
Trying to find little 2 minute remixes and covers, but having to deal with 30 seconds of adverts in between every single bloody video has been driving me crazy.
There's a couple of solutions. 1. AdBlocker, but that's not fair for the creators of the content, or alternatively, 2. pay for Premium.
.. But if I did either of those, and others didn't, then you'd still get bombarded by those adverts every sodding week.

So, it's time for that to fade away.
I might add the odd crazy thing that I discover along the way, but I think we'll call it a day for the Tubeage section for now.
Bye Tooobs!

Additional ranting at AGameAWeek

So, Podcasts, then?
There's lots of adverts being baked into Podcasts nowadays, but if you don't like them, most podcast players have a 30 second skip-forward button you can use.

Anyhoo, each week I'll pick a bunch of Podcasts that I find along the way.
I'm not 100% sure that all links will work around the world, though, so if you spot anything that's inaccessible, please do let me know.

And if you'd like to recommend any podcasts, let us know about them in the Podcast Recommendation thread.

Also, let me know your thoughts on the type of podcasts linked here.


Tony Robinson

Tony picks some things that he'd like to put into a time capsule.
Episode 250 of the My Time Capsule podcast!

Gaming in 2023

Scott and Josh from WhatCulture Gaming discuss the week's news in gaming, along with new year news, and a look into what might be coming in 2023, including what May or may not be happening with the FF7 franchise.
How odd to have a whole franchise based on a single entry from a franchise!!

Uchuu Keibitai

Pixelated Audio is a decent Videogame OST series. In this episode, they listen to, and discuss the music from a Famicom game, Uchuu Keibitai SDF, by HAL Labs. Maybe tune in before the inevitable takedown requests?

Disney Quiz

Grab a pen and paper and get your Pub Quiz brain ready for some Disney focused quizzing!
My scores : 7 - 1 - 5 - 5

Laurence Brown on The Buttpod

The "Lost in the Pond" guy chats to the "Corner Gas" guy!

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Thursday, 19 January 2023, 00:19
I made a new blog about the current state and the current train of though.
Friday, 20 January 2023, 03:21
Lots more coding going on again, yay!