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Created : 26 April 2018

#363 - You Sexy News

Section=Weekly Newsletter]

; You Sexy News

#363 - Friday 27th April, 2018

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; Hello Shed

About 3 months ago, we ordered new front bedroom windows. Everest finally fitted them in March, but did such a shit job that half the plaster's off the walls, and we had to reschedule with them to come and practically refit the fucking things.
Fuming? Yeah, pretty much.
So, with the plasterers finally coming to do the last bits of fixups tomorrow, Mum's been gradually reshuffling the bedroom around and during all the chaos has decided to re-paper the walls, and generally be a busy little bee.

But since she's currently in a "Can't do anything more until they do the plastering" lull, she's now turned her attention to the Shed.
I'm helping as much as I can, but there's not an awful lot I can do to help.
We've spent the past couple of days building up some new metal shelving units for the shed, and practically emptying EVERYTHING from the Shed. Massive clearout of decades-old junk.
The amount of shitty rusty nails and screws that were in there, is absolutely staggering.

With the new shelving units in there, we're now going to focus on completely refilling the shed with actually-useful stuff, so that we actually occasionally bother to go in there for things, rather than leaving the whole lot to rust away.

I've been watching the Tested.com/Adam Savage man-cave videos for tips on what sort of little hand-tools and things to look for, but.. Well, he's got the cash, and that shit ain't cheap!

Sounds like a job for Poundland


; Spinal's Code

A bug that Spinal can't see.
jm2bits saves the day!

; VoxBox

Pakz plays around with Voxels, and the results look lovely.

..Some day I'd love to do something involving Platdude and Voxels, but ... I've still no idea what kind of game that might be.


; Bonkers Banking

TSB's computers go completely fucking loopy!

; Data Protection Rules

There's a number of Data Protection rules that have been tweaked for our own personal data security..
Like.. Maybe not displaying our bank details to the wrong people..


; Gadget on Switch

Jay gets roped into buying KORG Gadget on the Switch, for review purposes.
And it's not all rosey.

; Jam and TFT

Dundee's most famous exports.


; Speedup

TheRevillsGames gets a speed boost

; Coding for C64

A web-based coding environment for C64. Looks great and seems to function well enough.
The compiled code is output in a .D64 disk file, ready for emulators to run.

; Fantastically Fake Fotos

Automated fakery, as the art of AI based object removal gets more advanced.
Remember folks, pictures ain't real...
The moon landing was FAKE!!!


; Still Alive

View on YouTube

; Brew Time


; Beard in the Band

BoyInTheBand's new look

; Tiny Voice


; Pixel Fight!

What is, and isn’t, a pixel

; Happy Rat

A homely rat is a happy rat.

; A Decade

It’s such a long time...

Word of the Week

; Dance

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; Buy


; Sing


; Rap


70s Cover Corner

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... and, of course


.. but maybe not


..or even...


TVCover Corner

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And, of course..


But definitely not..


VGRemix Corner

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...but probably not..


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Friday, 27 April 2018, 11:14
In the places where I hang no one does any voxel world things. I found a thread on the game creators were they are making a minecraft like something. There are some interesting things there but for Monkey/Blitz languages I stil have to learn to get everything working myself. Luckely the monkey forum has people answering questions.

I also looks as if in the places were I enlisted in the udemy minecraft programming course links to addition (others people) tutorial code gets deleted by mods. This to keep the payed course relevant? I found a link to a tutorial site a while ago with a faster chunk section but it dissapeared.

I really feel like there are a lot of great things possible with those voxel worlds. Just learning to program these did and does not go easy yet. I also have not seen any games like minecraft other then minecraft being a success.
Friday, 27 April 2018, 12:21
See this line here:-

TSB's computers go completely fucking loopy!

Right, when I'm coding something that involves multi-dim arrays, I generally use:-

Sorry for lack of tabs, browser input init!

Anyway, when I read "loopy", I see it as "loop why", if you get me, so I read that line above, and in my head it was "TSB's computers go completely fucking loop why!", and I thought, thats not right, then it clicked... "Loopie"! <--- Edit: Just no note, I know its not spelt like that, I was just highlighting the pronunciation.

Somethings just get lodged in there dont they, few times recently I've went a bit dip shitty, I'll post a beauty in the checking in thread!

Friday, 27 April 2018, 12:31

View on YouTube

I learned to spell it from the record sleeve.
If that’s wrong, then we're all screwed... back... for the yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.
Friday, 27 April 2018, 12:40
No no, your not wrong, I was just using "Loopie" to highlight the pronunciation, it is loopy, but because of constantly using that as a variable in For loops, I now see the word 'loopy', as "loop why"!