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Created : 16 May 2019

#415 - Country News

Weekly Newsletter

; Country News

#415 - Friday 17th May, 2019

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Every Friday, I should probably change this to say Thursday..!


; Hello World

I need to rethink the menu for my Shoebox of Games.
The catagories got mangled when I first added "Four In-A Row".

To me, that's not a board game.
I mean, it kinda gets marketed as a board game, but it's more like a 2 player vs thing, pretending to be a board game.
A board game is more "Move along the various squares, events occur", but Four In-A Row is more a strategy based challenge.

So I put it into "Misc Games", and put Reversi alongside it, because that, too is a 2 player vs thing.
But now I'm adding Mancala, which is another 2 player vs thing, but it's also one of the earliest board games known to man. .. So.. Yeah, that should definitely be a board game.
So, now where do Reversi and Four In-A Row go?
Chess, Checkers, Battleships.. They're the same, too.
They don't fit well, and I think I need more categories

The whole menu needs a good old rethink.


; Pakz' Pixlz

Paks shows off some of his recent pixelart work, doing lots of little 8x8 pixel sprites.
Amazing little details in the sprites, especially since they all have little black 1-pixel outlines, meaning he's actually only got about 6x6 pixels to work with.

; Uhoh!

Rychan suffers a computer malfunction.
Will his coding survive!?!


; Moving On

From the polls.
All of these sites used to be important at some point.
Then they all seemed to disappear, and be forgotten about.
Syntax Bomb came back, though, and is just as good as it ever was.
What long-lost sites are you hopeful will make a fantastic return to form?
Voodoo Extreme would be nice.

; Destiny

Is your destiny your own, or is it something you're born with?
Or is it just the ship from Stargate Universe?
Spinal starts us on our decent towards madness.
Who really wrote this newsletter?
And will they hit the undo button, undeleting all the ranting health stuff that I originally wrote at the top of the newsletter, bringing it all back once again?!


; RIP - Doris Day

Doris Day passed away. She fullfilled her destiny of bringing joy to millions.

; RIP - Stanton Friedman

Stanton Friedman's destiny is to meet up with Sybok at the center of the galaxy.

; RIP - Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr's destiny speeds up and slows down at random intervals.


; Celebrity Booksigning

Jay's Mum heads to York to meet up with Geoff and Vicky, at the National Railway Museum.
She waited about 2 hours in line, and apparently the queue was still huge when she was leaving.
Thankfully they stayed an extra hour or so, so Mum actually got to say hi, got her book signed, and chatted with them for a good 5 minutes or so.
She really enjoyed herself, and said they were a lovely couple

; Saints Uhoh

Jay buys Saints Row 3 on Switch, and immediately regrets it.


; Spray

There's a new Spray album out on Friday 17th. Which may be tomorrow, or maybe today, or it might be in the past, depending on when you read this.

View on YouTube

; Musical Interlude


; Talent


; Not Tube Tubage


; Dancing Egg



; New Train

With biscuits, and an unexpected celebrity guest!

View on YouTube

; Save The Egg

For science!!!


; It's The Muppet Show

View on YouTube

; Doctor Where

Where DID the lost episodes go?

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube




Movie Cover Corner

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VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 16 May 2019, 13:26
That save the egg (egg drop challenge), we had to do that at my high school for science back in the mid 1980s.