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Created : 20 February 2020

#455 - Kingston News

Weekly Newsletter

; Kingston News

#455 - Thursday 20th February, 2020

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Every Thursday, Avoiding the spiral!


; Hello World

Animal Crossing Switch is out, next month. Yeay!
Nintendo's doing a Direct at 2PM, according to their Twitter account, so I'll be looking forward to seeing that.
The game preloaded onto my Switch a few days ago, and I am excited as all hell to start pissing about with the crafting abilities.
I hope it's as good as it appears, and doesn't end up just being "Shop, but you have to make everything".
Let me design, please!!!

With any luck, the game will end up on my Switch Most-Played leaderboard.
Currently the top two are Breath of the Wild at 315 hours "or more", and Petit Switch at 260 hours "or more"!
Which is quite scary when you consider that I've had BOTW since March 2017, and Petit Switch since May 2019!

I do love my coding, though...

Game Idea
Animal Coding : where you have to code the AI for all the little animal NPCs that run around your town.


; Blending with Hobo

Hobo decides to give Blender a go, and produces a lovely looking animated humanoid model.
Certainly 100,000 times better than anything I've ever managed with it.

; Re-Fuze

Jay opens up Fuze on his Switch and gives it another go.
There's now an easy way to share your projects with folk via a simple ID code, the keyboard bug seems to be gone, and things seem a little cheerier than they did before.


; Spalling

This week's Word of the Week is Spalling, the act of breaking a rock into smaller pieces.
..but it appears that everyone's too busy to get round to making a quick Asteroids clone.

; Boletus Update

Shroomy shows off some pics from his Mushroom Books.
Creepy looking fungal photos, within


; Payroll

TKS has a grumble about Payroll, testing, and the current financial state of the country.
Given everything that's happened over the past few weeks, I can't imagine anyone's finances are in a decent state.


; RIP - Caroline Flack

A dreadful news story, as a celebrity takes her own life after the terrible way that the press have been treating her.
Cue hundreds of news articles saying how lovely she was, in a desperate attempt to look like they aren't the bad guys.

; RIP - Hollie Ashurst

As the horrific court battle draws to a close, all eyes are on the Wigan Times website, hitting F5 as rapidly as possible.


; Pecked Off

Steve finds another downside to owning a bird.

; Rockford Eats

Rockford continues his quest to eat all of the crazy foodstuffs.
Since he took a few days off, he's treating us to a giant haul of the stuff!


As the world of YouTube shifts to the godwaful "10 minutes means we can cram it full of adverts!" shithole, my selection pool of fun silly YouTube clips is getting smaller and smaller!
If you spot anything small (avg of 5 minutes or less) and decent, be sure to let me know so I can pop it below.

; Musical Prelude

View on YouTube

; Ghost


; Musical Interlude

Gotta get down!


; Pre-Washington

The US Presidents before Washington

View on YouTube

; Acting

Attempting to fix some horror-shows


; Brown

TechConnectify tackles the oddness of Brown

View on YouTube

; Brownier

Barry makes chocolate.

; Painting

Jazza makes his Sims paint.

90s Cover Corner

View on YouTube





The suffix "ton" is from the word Town, making this Kings Town Town.

TVCover Corner

View on YouTube


VGRemix Corner

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