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Created : 01 September 2022

#581 - Take Me Home, Country News

Weekly Newsletter

Take Me Home, Country News

#581 - Thursday 01st September, 2022

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Every Thursday, looking at fake pictures


Hello World

One of my favourite images created by Dall-E lately, has been this one.

Spawned from the phrase "An evil muppet about to eat a kitten.", I expected nothing but evil muppets.. But that one is lovely.
The cute little kitten and muppet are both giving the evils to the "camera" and .. then you remember that there isn't a camera, and there isn't a kitten and there isn't a muppet, and none of that exists, and it's all been generated by an Artificial Intelligence.

That's fucking crazy, man!!!

NightCafe Studio have recently added a new Stable Diffusion method, and between that, Craiyon and Dall-E, there's loads of fun generation tools to play with.
Now we need an AGameAWeek idea generator that comes up with incredibly unique ideas, but that are possible to code in the space of a week!!


JNKPlat - Switch Edition

Jay spent most of August working on a SmileBASIC version of JNKPlat. With 100 levels included, it sure as hell took it out of him.
At least one player on Twitter has managed to complete all the internal levels, and Jay's already unveiled how to access the Level Editor.
Players love it!

Also, apologies there was no Newsletter, last week..
I had 100 levels to make!!!


Thumb Pain

Oh my god, that looks so fucking painful.
Rockford breaks his thumb.
Don't worry, there's no blood, only an X-Ray.
But.. Good grief, what an X-Ray.

Leg Pain

TheRevillsGames tells us of some terrible Leg Cramps.
Don't worry, there's no Leg Pics here!


Extra Cameras

Brice gets round to adding another camera to his security hub, so he can keep an eye on neighbour's cats.
Hurray for neighbour's cats!!!


Waldo's Life

Walk like a dog in this new ZX Spectrum release.
Hop through the forest, dodge all the bad guys, and let Mr Fluffy help you on your way.

Roland In The Pocket

The Amstrad CPC 464 Portable!
Such pocket.


Question of the Day's Back!

Remember when I used to have to come up with a question every day, and then got sick of having to come up with a question every day, and then the question of the day disappeared and was never heard from again?
I found a large collection of semi-personal questions online, and have stuffed them all into a great big giant bag.
We've got about a year's worth to get through, so that oughta be fun.
The system will stuff all the QOTDs for a month into a single topic, so we don't end up with hundreds of threads.
Feel free to answer any days you've missed along the way. You can use the quote tags to let us know which of the questions you're answering.

I'm currently looking into ways of having a great big anonymity button, especially given some of the Questions that are in the list, but am slightly worried that, with as few members as we have, if everyone's answered except the anonymous person, it'd be really bleedin' obvious who that last person is!!!

Suggestions welcome.
This is August's thread
And here's the September thread that spawned earlier this morning.


Festive Feels are in the air, and Mrs AndyH has been out grabbing Advent Calendars.
She has a Lego Guardians of the Galaxy calendar, so nobody copy that!
Time to put your Santa hat on, and head out shopping for calendars.


Hits That Never Were

Back in the mid 90s, Joe Dumont and his friend started a band that ultimately never got anywhere.
This is a reconstruction of what he believes was destined to be their greatest hit!

View on YouTube

This one's my fave, though

Hits That Busked

Not to be outdone, Danny performs one of his own songs, too.

Hits That Carried On

Simple Minds are most definitely still Alive and Kicking





View on YouTube


Where's My Hoverboard?

Simon tries to find out

View on YouTube


Making Cake out of Pop

HalfHour Commercial

The Screwdriver

Linus talks of the journey of his epic Screwdriver.

View on YouTube

Musical Pursuits

Four Producers

My favourite of Andrew's series, as he challenges music producers to make something new from a given sample.

View on YouTube

Outdoor Pursuits

Dribbling Across Britain

View on YouTube

Part Two

GameDev Secrets


Creator of Kirby, Smash Bros and more, Masahiro Sakurai is incredibly bored now he's not doing Smash Bros any more. He's started a YouTube channel!

View on YouTube

70s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

80s Cover Corner

View on YouTube

How Old IS Popcorn Cover

View on YouTube

Al and Beth's Song Corner

View on YouTube

LiveLoop Corner

View on YouTube

VGRemix Corner

View on YouTube


View on YouTube

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