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Created : 05 April 2023

#607 - Don't Trust the AI

Weekly Newsletter

Don't Trust the AI

#607 - Thursday 06th April, 2023

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Every Thursday, It's still too bloomin' cold


Hello World

I spent far too much time faffing about with Stable Diffusion training again, this week.
It's 7:30pm on Wednesday night, and if I want to try and stick to the Wed/Thur midnight sort of time that I've been aiming for of late, then I have about a thousand words or so to write in just a few hours.
If you've ever spotted a bizarre typo in a newsletter, or felt that perhaps it's been very much scrambled together at the last minute, then the truth is..
... Yeah, that's pretty much it. I'm hurriedly scrambling it together again, as per usual.
I keep saying to myself "Fill bits in, each morning, as you're doing your blog", but every morning I seem to find myself faffing about with Stable Diffusion a bit more, not getting anywhere with that, and forgetting to do anything else.


Right, focus and type.
Get the newsletter done, then if you've any time left, you can treat yourself to a bit of Stable Diffusion time, and see if you can come up with a nice pic to go with the newsletter.
How's that.
A reward for all the writing, Jay!
Hop to it.



Max Holly No Room

Spinal switches out his Spinal-Max artwork for some Dwarf-Holly action, and the graphics are awesome, albeit probably not with the glitching.
I can't wait until Spinal's released this, as it looks like it could be a whole lot of fun to play around with.

April of Photography

The April of Photography is well under way. If you'd like to post pics for each day, then feel free to jump in at any point, or Jay's just going to end up doing this on his own again.
Come on, creative folks. Get pic'ing!


The April Question of the Day thread opened with a question about purchases.
What have you bought, lately?


Chips (US)

PHS finds a list of limited edition/otherwise crisp flavours that may or may not have lasted very long, across the pond.
Over here we've had plenty, but my favourite crisp that's no longer with us, has to be Bitza Pizza. I used to love those as a kid. I bet they were shit, though. Everything good from my youth usually ends up being shit when tried again with a modern day tongue.
Having said that, I did love those Pizza Crackers that Tesco did a few years ago, so. Who knows?


BingChat vs Anagrams

Jay had a run in with Bing, this week, as Bing struggled to spell the word SALAD.
If you're interested as to what Jay was doing, he was trying to get Bing to come up with a new puzzle for the Foldapuz Play, but didn't really get much further than this point.


A Game

Jay made a game this week, 'cos that's all Jay ever does.
This week's game is a marble drop game, and apparently it's quite a lot of fun, according to Psychic Parrot on Mastodon.

Another Game

Jay made another game this week, 'cos that's all Jay ever does.
This extra game is sort of a fast paced Snake thing, where you have to grab all the cookies from around the maze.

AL Choon

Jay pretends like another person makes all of his music, and stupidly calls him AL O'Dare, like he's got some kind of split personality or something.
Jay's an idiot.
Glad I'm not him.
AL apparently wrote this week's Choon about being alone, floating inside a nebula.

Platdude Pixelart

Jay also uses Platdude as another fictional character who apparently draws daily doodles.
I really am worried about Jay's mindset, at this point, it can't be healthy having all these voices in his head.
Anyway, "Platdude" managed to draw his 3,000th daily picture this week.
.. Of course, it's not his 3000th sequential "daily" picture, because there was week when Jay was in hospital back in 2020. But Jay won't tell you that.

Secretly, Jay's already finished another game, this week, too.
It's about a marble again, but this time rolling along a track.
Jay's hiding it because he doesn't want to have released 3 games in a week.
People shouldn't have that problem.
This isn't normal behaviour, Jay.


Quantum Leap

The reboot is officially a success, I think. It's got a second season, at least, so that's nice.
As Season One closes, Spinal takes a leap and starts to watch the season from the beginning.
Read along as he rides the accelerator!

April, Fool

Maybe it's because I've been avoiding YouTube lately, but there didn't really seem to be all that much, this year.
There's 3 silly videos in this thread, but that's it.
If you've spotted anything fun, let us know in the thread.


No Issues

Had a mild panic attack on Tuesday morning when none of my sites were accessible.
I headed to IsItDownRightNow.com to check, but that was down, too, so then I headed to the Virgin Media status page, and that was down, too.
OK, good good.. Not my fault!
VirginMedia had the weirdest hiccup I've seen, where some sites were up and others were down, even though the DNS was working as expected.
A very strange scenario indeed.

Podcast Section

The Tale of Tetris

And the man who bought it, and got a version of GO running on the NES.
Apparently the AppleTV movie is a load of shite, so this is probably as good as you're going to get unless you can track down the BBC's "Tetris : From Russia with Love" documentary.

Susan Calman

Susan reveals her perfect console.
Is it all cat related games, and is there even a Prime Suspect videogame?!

Bonus Tube

Quantum Leap Adjacent




Bing's Poetry of the Week

Words are like seeds that sprout in our minds
They grow and blossom with meaning and rhyme
Some words are simple, like salad and sun
They spell what they are, with no tricks or puns
S-A-L-A-D, a fresh and green delight
It fills our plates with colour and our hearts with light

Some words are complex, like duals and dreams
They hide and reveal more than what they seem
D-U-A-L-S, a pair or a clash
They show us contrast and harmony in a flash

Words are like seeds that sprout in our minds
They grow and blossom with meaning and rhyme
Let's cherish them all, both big and small
For they are the magic that connects us all

{ -------------------
{ Load, Next List!



Thursday, 06 April 2023, 02:01
Will check that podcast out
Thursday, 06 April 2023, 03:10
I noticed a tweet about a system that uses that gpt ai system to reprogram software automatically when bugs are submitted. No idea what they called it anymore. Feature requests would probably be added automatically and maybe locally in the future too. (holodeck?)

A while ago I also read about there being online ai companies that have no humans working there. Completely automated. The money made just deposited to the owners?

Hasta la vista.