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ST Picard

24th May 2019



Board Game Definition

23rd May 2019

Jayenkai, this newsletter:: My complaint wasn't that "It's NOT a board game"

[quote=Jayenkai, last newsletter::]The catagories got mangled when I first added "Four In-A Row". To me, that's not a board ga<snip>


Board Game Definition

16th May 2019

"Board game" is a very broad term that doesn't necessarily require a board. If you'd like to go even MORE broadly then you can use "tabletop game", which then also includes miniature gaming, RPGs and others.

Are there sub-ca<snip>


Board Game Definition

16th May 2019



You need a serious education on modern boardgaming. I would LOVE to be the one to provide it, but being on the other side of the planet, maybe not.

I'll provide you this link in recompense: https://nonstoptabletop.com/blog/2<snip>


Road Redemption

8th November 2018

Especially enjoyable 4-player split screen (on the PC, at least).


Happy Birthday, LineOf7s

20th September 2018

Dammit, I'd been waiting all year for this and I missed it. Rassum frassum!


SpaceX Falcon Heavy launch

6th February 2018

That was friggin' awesome. Just watching it gave me a real sense of "Holy crap, this is a big deal".


The Big Domain

4th January 2018

(Don't you hate it when people ask a question, then forget to come back to see if someone answered? Sorry about that)

I thought it might have been related to that whole BlitzCoder thing, but I didn't know the story about trying to get the actua<snip>


The Big Domain

21st December 2017

I give up: what 'big domain'? What squatter?


Looks like someone's up to something...

2nd November 2017

It's a bit sad he can't even post a single thread in his own forum.


Nothing to see

13th July 2017

You've always sounded like a grandad so I'm glad someone's finally made it official. Congrats.


RIP : Jay's Dad

2nd March 2017

Bugger. Condolences that you lost your dad a couple of decades ago. That's sad. All he's done now is died.


Happy Birthday, Jayenkai

23rd February 2017

Happy Birthday. Bring on 38.


The Trouble With Pebble

1st December 2016

That's a shame. I really like my Pebble.


Gremlin in the Works

16th June 2016

Listed as a contributor is Mr Kirk. Nice one.


Newsletter improvements..?

21st November 2009

Seems I'm in the minority in reading the newsletters every week, and looking forward to them. I suppose, though, I'm not very active on the website, so the newsletter's very handy for me (in truth, with all the websites I visit regularly, Socoder sometime<snip>


Yet another electric car !

7th November 2009

I've seen more stylish vehicles come out of Scrapheap Challenge.


Hard Drive Ghosting - What's the best?

11th August 2009

I've used G4L (used to be called Ghost For Linux but changed for obvious reasons) many times to duplicate a number of Windows machines for work. If you want another (free, open source) option, there it is.


Definition of Pixel Art

28th July 2009

I mean, you don't call Sonic, Mario et all Pixel Art, do you?!

Yeah, I'd call that pixel art, myself.

Depends on how carried away you wanna get with your definition of 'art' though, really. Some people believe that art is something that<snip>


Syntax Bomb dead, Sat 24th July 2009!

23rd July 2009

Well let's all hope that whatever else happens, people don't bring their dirty laundry here from anywhere else.

That would be unfortunate, and surely unwelcome.

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