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Tue, 16 Mar 2010, 08:17
Apparently my Ubuntu compiled games don't run under Debian 5.
Seems that Virtual PC is finally a required part of my system specs...

SUCH a pain in the ass trying to download Virtual PC, though! Seriously!!

Since I'm only running Win7 Home Premium, the "XP Mode" isn't included, so the main MS site won't let me download that, OR VirtualPC..

But.. Virtual PC should work in all Win 7's.
But not the XP stuff.

So I can't download either.

and round and round and round we go.

Eventually I found out that this page will let you download Virtual PC, without needing the XP stuff, so it will work on Windows 7 Home.

Bloody hidden garbage, Microsoft really oughta sort their website out!


So, I've grabbed Windows Virtual PC 7 and tried out Knoppix. Worked nicely, albeit slow, and my games ran just fine..
Next up, I'm currently installing Debian, and hoping I can figure that out, too.

What other Liniiiii's should I be testing??

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Tue, 16 Mar 2010, 08:46
Usually, if it works with one Linux it should work with all of them - they use the same libraries for the most part. Just test with various sound drivers, e.g. ALSA, OSS, Pulse.

Otherwise you really just have to look at any error messages caused by your program being run by the terminal and diagnose a fix... maybe there's a dependency or a library not found (sometimes the fix is as simple as creating a symlink to an existing library, e.g. create libpng.so as a link to libpng.so.1.14).

But if you want ideas for a few distros to check with, try Slackware and an RPM-based distro like Fedora (second most popular distro, it's fairly nice but heavier on the RAM than Ubuntu) or SUSE. If you're confident with the command line, you could set up Arch Linux. And if you want an exercise in pain, try Gentoo!

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Tue, 16 Mar 2010, 09:39
... 7 hours after starting the install, and then spending another 3 hours to stop the screen being FOOOOOOKKEEEED to a bizarre 17,000 x 3 pixel resolution, I finally managed to get to the desktop of Debian5.
From there, I downloaded the game, double clicked it, and blammo..
it ran perfectly.

albeit a bit slow.

So, um.
.. Nuts..
Can't really test that, now, can I!

|edit| I'll have a play with some more, tomorrow.. Took me all day doing this!! |edit|

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Wed, 17 Mar 2010, 18:55
Hmm. If you have 32-bit processor, you could try some distribution that is compiled for i686 (vs. Debian's i386). My experience is that it does run faster. So I'd recommend Sabayon! (I'm using Arch).

Or perhaps Frugalware, their team announced they will celebrate this release by jumping from the plane and spelling "Frugalware" with their bodies... or Pardus, it comes from Turkey, like this song.
Thu, 18 Mar 2010, 00:42
I'm using sun virtualbox to run linux on my windows7, Its free and will even change the screen resolution of the virtual machine to that of the window, which is a little odd sometimes.

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Thu, 18 Mar 2010, 09:08
When I tried using the graphcs card drivers that VirtualBox can install to give native graphics card access to guest OS' it made my copy of Windows 7 unbootable.

At the time I believe the feature was still in beta, so until it's out I'd avoid using it.