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Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 07:59
It's getting a bit quiet, round here.
Understandably, mind.. I know that we're all off doing our own coding and that we don't always need help in our projects anymore. I guess the problem with having so many good coders on a site is that no-one bothers to ask each other questions!
I thought, though, that with the blogs and many forum sections, we could at least keep a constant flow of interesting things on the site.
Doesn't seem to be going that way, though.

Oh well.

So, a question of the week, if you will, simply asking how you all are? How are things at work, how's life treating you, any good/bad news, and that sort of general stuff.

For me, things are rolling on in their usual everyday way. Nothing much special at all, really. Work, home, coding, site stuff, and that basically repeats itself in an inane routine!
The past couple of nights, rather than coding away, I decided to sit and watch a couple of DVD's. I've amassed an interesting collection, but I rarely take the time to curl up, grab a snack and then sit and watch them. Usually they're over in the corner of the screen whilst I carry on coding! Not the best way to enjoy things!
So.. A bit of relaxation time, and a break from all the retro games.

''Load, Next List!''
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 08:08
Ahh for me everything is pretty good I am a bit depressed about a female.. Super long story rather not go into it but we cant be together cause she lives half way around the world and she thinks guys aren't trustworthy. Anyways coding is good and college is alright. Lately I added bump mapping to my editor for my game. It looks pretty good and right now I am working on specular. I find coding keeps my mind off things that will never become true..

Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 08:24

well im tried, not much sleep lately with a project to be done for college next tuesday. other than that everythings good

I have started hacking/modding a nes and snes.Plan on turning them into a single handheld if everything goes to plan
a intrest i have got into over the past month.


Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 08:57
My life is currently great, although hectic. Balancing school,sports, a girlfriend, and my various hobbies all at once is harder than I thought it would be. I really can't wait for college!

Truthfully though, I can't complain... I really am loving life right now, and everything seems to be falling into place. Not to mention I'm back in the groove of coding, which I had lost there for a while.

I don't currently have a job on my tight schedule, but there's a chance I might start doing a bit of coding work for my dad's company on weekends. The summer will bring work too, I'm sure... I plan on applying to Google's Pittsburgh offices, even if it's just for a low-level job or internship. Will they hire me? Probably not. Is it worth a shot? Sure.. why not?

Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 09:14
I've just found a band to play with so that's why I'm so inactive -- I'm playing the guitar every minute of my free time (except for this particular minute ). My coding isn't progressing at all, but hopefully I'll continue this weekend.
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 10:07
Life is a big slug at the mo. GCSEs next Summer, mocks next week.

If all goes to plan, I should be buying my Iron Maiden tickets (£50!!!!) in a few mins.

Also, I have a bit of a story.

I was just playing rugby at school for Games (we have it every Friday afternoon) and all was going well. Then, a guy broke his leg! He got his foot caught and someone else came in to take him down, but as he twisted down to the ground, he snapped his tibia, because his foot was stuck. It made an almighty crack and it was flopping about. It was absolutely disgusting.

So then we waited for Games to finish so we could go home. Then, I had to wait outside for 20 minutes because my Mum was shopping and my brother was taking a ridiculously long time to get home. Fortunately, the guy who delivers the Gaurdian came and so I got to read that for a while.

Thats my day.
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 10:15
wow the tiba wow thats just nasty sounding a crack huh...
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 10:19
power mousey

well, for a long time things are
or have been quiet....more or less.
True, its peoples' choice whenever they want or like
to talk and share or even to respond.
Yet, a lot of people on here a lot of times just sit
here on their avabars looking,staring,observing,reading
with little or no interaction nor dynamics. Or for whatever reason.
I'm not trying to moan or groan nor complain.
Its the way I have seen it and experienced it.

True, I do like to talk and share...even write.
And sometimes I can be verbose but hey thats just me.

Part 1 complete.

Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 10:31
power mousey
Part 2 continues here and below

sometimes I do write/share interesting topics.
Yet, it may not be interesting and even dumb and stupid to others.
However, and by the same token some topics and blogs other people here share and write may not be interesting to me.
Its in the eye of the beholder.

Part 3 finally follows too.
oh nooooooooo!!!! I know, I know.

|edit| just kidding. Although, I'm working on a secret demo. I may have to port it to Cobra 3d too. |edit|
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 11:49
I'm champion...

I've got the flames on the fire on full pelt, 18 cans of Fosters in the fridge and 40 bottles of Stella to nail(Asda, gotta love 'em), 20 regal kingsize are sitting next to me...

Though, I doubt I'll get through them all tonight! hehehe

So, I'm on top of the world, looking forward to a lie in tomorrow and have the whole weekend off to bang!!!

YAY \o/


|edit| Oh, and I'm getting a indian take away... Chicken Madras Shlurp |edit|

Intel Core i5 6400 2.7GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 (8GB), 8Gig DDR4 RAM, 256GB SSD, 1TB HDD, Windows 10 64bit
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 13:42
Well, I've had some bad health the past two weeks, still feeling down. The symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome describe me exactly, but I don't want to be a hypochondriac here.

Software wise, well I don't have much energy. I'm seriously considering dropping out of sixth form school (well, it's gone beyond that; I'm unofficially not really turning up any more!) and instead getting a part time two or three days per week job. I'm not coping with both the work I do during the course of the week plus the work that you're expected to do over weekends and in evenings...

But despite that, I'm getting some of my own things done slowly; Omnircron, my game, is progressing very well indeed. I'm helping my friend with his website, doing a photo website for my mum, just recently redid one for the Swansea Socialist Party, doing a bit for the school's website too.

Also teach42.com has started using my URL Shrinker (and linked to me ) so I'm chuffed about that. This is the biggest website to have done so that I know of so far.

So, you know. I'm not doing great, but it's nothing ten pints of Guinness on the weekend can't handle.

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Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 13:50
I'm working more over xmas, so less coding is being done, although I'm at the lack of motivation stage in all my projects, so work is really just an excuse. My current project for those who don't know is a single level remake of an old C64 game, mostly because I wanted to use the snow routine I found.

besides that, not much.

|edit| Reason - missed 'working' from first sentence.

Check out my excellent homepage!
Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 14:10
Things aren't going too badly for me. I was relieved to find out that I wasn't one of the 7 people who got laid off from my workplace today - the section I'm in was never in huge risk, but still, knowing I still have a job is good.

I'm having a dilemma with my current big, long-term code project. It's at a very un-fun stage, and has been for what seems like ages... and because it's dull, that makes it easier for me to get distracted by other shiny things on the PC (like Unreal Tournament 3 and Team Fortress 2). I can see myself making a big decision and dropping the project if things don't improve - but maybe a focused effort might yet save it from the axe if I could only muster the strength

Fri, 30 Nov 2007, 16:43
hmm... apprently i forgot to hit submit after typing up what i wrote...


anyway, I've been coding a lot of things for my school mainly, ranging from inventory programs to sharepoint interfaces to other random things. Recently, I finished creating a stream archive for our mourning news show on the website. However, some of the archived streams are a bit... off; I was not the one to make the videos themselves, just the code to read them off to the server. Check it out here. Just so that y'all know aswell, the theme for the show and all the graphics were done entirely by myself, save the countdown leader which was done by someone else.

This year has been very buisy, and tiring. Luckily its my last year of highschool, but it is quite exhausting all the same. People around me have changed a lot, and I'm really kind of tired of most of the people at my school now, frankly I'm not sure what happened socially between last year and this year.. but a lot has changed... I find myself talking to people from other schools and grades more often than my classmates. But, oh well, only a few more months I suppose.

Currently I'm most concerned with finding ways to occupy myself so that I'm not caught up in the apathetic nature of my peers... Its been a long four years to say the least...

Hobo: I really like that idea you have of the Go links, you could turn that into something really cool, if you figure out a way to profit from it, I'm positive it could roll in a decent side income.

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Sat, 01 Dec 2007, 16:21
My life is too hectic and busy. I have 5 assignments, but only 3 have to be completed soon. This includes the big Software Engineering Practice assignment, which is big and at times I don't think our group will get it finished.

I also have at least 8 placement applications to sort: Accenture, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, HP, Siemens (which is in Vienna) and an EU scheme to work in Japan. I also have an interview with .Sun next week and hopefully another one with the Solaris RPM team.

Then there are lectures I have to attend and the copy of Software Engineering edition 7 I need to sit down and start reading at some point. Maybe over Christmas. I still have to finish Introduction to Operating Systems (or at least the section on the kernel). I also need to go over lots of stuff from lectures, like the lecture we had on the heap data structure because I was distracting throughout by my lack of sleep. I also need to go over the bisection method, PHP, Java Script, HTML, XForms and XML Schema. I hate web stuff.

After that comes Inselkampf. This requires at least 2 hours of my life each day to sort. I'd like to request the person who made the Inselkampf topic here on SoCoder so long ago, suggesting we all go and play it, is kicked from here and shot. Inselkampf is taking up too much time yet I'm planning to expand.

Assuming I have time left, I am planning to work more on my RTS (which I am still thinking of converting over to be 1-dimensional) and small site me and my mate is planning to set up offering some small free pieces of software. I might actually start working more on applications and drop all game development projects.

The pile of dirty clothes in the corner of my room is growing more and more, and I have more dirty clothes hidden in a bag inside my wardrobe. Probably 2 loads in total. Plus I should think about vacuuming my room at some point.

Dinner also takes up a large section of each day. We usually buy, cook and eat together as a house with each part usually taking about an hour.
Sat, 01 Dec 2007, 18:50
I be ok. I'm working on an Epos system, in Java, for the place I work at. Its pretty boring really, but its paid and I should be able to sell the systems on when its done.

Apart from that I got shit loads of college work and other things that need doing, so I've not been coding much else recently.
Mon, 10 Dec 2007, 14:52
I'm Still breathing and doing some small coding but mainly more graphics.

Tue, 11 Dec 2007, 03:07
Ahh for me everything is pretty good I am a bit depressed about a female.. (...) I find coding keeps my mind off things that will never become true..

Too true. Same story, same boat.
Other than that, I have to add that right now I seem to be more into music (specifically: playing Guitar) and learning the game of socializing than coding, especially since we have a special event coming up this very day where everyone at school can perform something on the stage in the Gym. I've spent all night practicing for a Metallica Medley, and while I was in London a couple weeks ago, I bought a sheet book for '...And Justice for All' which is already getting dog-eared...

Afr0 Games

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Tue, 11 Dec 2007, 03:56

If you can, get a recording of that medley!

I love Metallica medleys ^_^
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 07:41
Actually... a girl-friend of mine recorded parts of it on her camera without me knowing! If you keep reminding me, maybe I'll upload it to YouTube when I get back to school. I'm on Christmas vacation at home now, see.

Afr0 Games

Project Dollhouse on Github - Please fork!
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 10:05
it's hard to say, I guess I've been out of the proverbial "loop" for the past few years. Was always too interested in the humanities to be much of a programmer anyway. Trying to get back into the "loop" recently but all this fancy 3d stuff and all that networking and database and whatnot are a real bother (on a slightly related [or maybe not] note, if anybody has some links I can follow, that would be appreciated). That said, programming hasn't come along since I dropped whatever I was working on (2 years ago?), it doesn't feel like I know enough to do anything decent anyway. But I'm back on this site, which hopefully, would signify a change in that. Otherwise I'm doing well, everyone seems tired, but I'm doing well, I guess it's because I'm behind the times.
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 12:30
power mousey

Everyone seems tired??....speak for yourself.

True and for sure, during winter time I'm less
active and sleep a lot more. But I'm a lot more
active during spring and especially during summer.

2 days ago I did my workout. And yesterday I did
some grueling calistenics and some arm isometrics too.
And I'm going on a walk today as well as to run some errands.
But oh wait!...as you say and put it everyone seems
so tired. And even if they were..so what!??
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 14:50

Everyone seems tired??....speak for yourself.

well, it just seems that way, it's hard to deny that there is an overall prevailing aura (if you'll pardon my use of that word) of fatigue seems to come from a some what fatigued population. And if you'll pardon my rather crude tone. The phrase "everyone seems tired" is indeed spoken for myself as it implies (at least to my understanding) that everyone seems tired "to me", and everyone is not necessarily tired but only seems to be so to my perception. And in response to "so what??", it was just a general observation of little consequence, implying more for "my" condition than anyone else's. I wanted simply to "contrast" my state to what I perceived of everyone else's state, giving readers a more complete and 3 dimensional understanding of where I stand by taking in reference of where "they" stand. And again, pardon my crude tone. It is hard to write an argument for the express purpose of persuasion without it seeming expressly offensive.
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 14:59
Alright you two, calm down!
Thu, 20 Dec 2007, 18:43

You are too good with this site.

I love that CLick to enlarge function. Was that written originally in BB?

Fri, 21 Dec 2007, 02:42
power mousey
I'm too tired to flipplantly flip
you off a response.
My arms are still sore.

But haha! and funny and ironic that you being so
tired that you typed a much longer phrase
reply to my reply to you Sir Edmund!

short and crudely typed,
power mousey

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