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Created : 18 January 2018

#351 - Clown News

Weekly Newsletter

; Clown News

#351 - Friday 19th January, 2018

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Every Friday, Moving again


Say farewell to Zen Hosting.
After the third 'for exactly the same reason' outage of the year, I decided enough's enough, and have since moved the whole kit and kaboodle to a different server.
We're now on Kloudhost, a company that I hadn't heard of until this week. Whether that's a good or bad sign, I'm not sure.
But the new server seems nice and fast and stable, and I will, of course, be watching things like a hawk to ensure the site continues to stay running.

Meanwhile, with all the server's I looked at over the past week, I'm tempted to write a nice lengthy Article listing them all.
It'd sit nicely alongside the list of languages that I posted last year.
.. Hmmm..

Anyhoo, things are running mostly smoothly, and the transfer went without a hitch.
Good to know it's a doddle to move, should we ever need to, again.



; Further Flapping

Rychan continues to build up his NES - Assembly Code version of Flappadiddle, and has now released his first test rom.

; Sprite Management

What are your best tips for cramming oodles of sprites into a spritesheet?
Hmmm.. If you used greyscale sprites, you can use HoboBen's Bakefont technique!!


; Marketing 101

TheRevillsGames finds a ton of posts all about Marketing do’s and donts.

; Publishers

GfK gives up with his Publisher.


; Cardboard Kits

Nintendo are launching boxes of cardboard for $69.99!

; Wireless Charging

'if a person were to move in the way, Cota would angle the beam to avoid them.'
.. What happens to you if it doesn't!?!


; Adverts

The best thing on telly are the adverts.
Because there's fuck all else on.
Thank god there's so many adverts to watch!

; Number Change

The move to a new server seems to have changed the 'Unique Identifier' that I had working for the Tweet-To-Upload functionality.
Bit odd.
Update as required. (I don't think anyone else is using this, though!)


; Shirtless.

See what the Boy looks like, underneath.

View on YouTube

; Part Two


; Dimensions!

How many dimensions are there?

; Musical Interlude


; Mortal Kombat Voice

The EVIL Pinball Wizard!

; Crabs

Hey, look who's got crabs!

; Making Amiibo

I SO need to get a 3D Printer!
... I’d be shit at painting, though!

Clown Cover Corner

View on YouTube

Never knew he went on there!
Apparently he didn't do very well, though.

VGRemix Corner

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