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Created : 17 May 2018

#366 - Twisted News

Weekly Newsletter

; Twisted News

#366 - Friday 18th May, 2018

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Every Friday, Silence


; Hello World

I feel like this week's been a bit of an unproductive week.
I've spent most of the week working out how to get .3dsx homebrew compiles to package together into .cia "rom" files.
Jumping through hoops, and tweaking the hell out of my .bat file, I've now got everything streamlined into a single method.
Run .bat, type 3 for 3DS mode, type in short game title and description, and then it works away.
It creates a temporary folder, copies everything across, compiles the icon, banner and jingle into a package, compiles the game into the .3dsx, recompiles the game with the icon/banner package, and then copies everything back to the game's folder.
But took bloomin' ages to get it working smoothly enough, especially when I had to start adding data to the Makefile, from within a bat file! I certainly didn't think that would work.

Incidentally, Windows' command line has at least three copy commands.
Copy for copying files, XCopy for copying with sub-folders and RoboCopy for mirroring folders and ignoring certain files.
Why not just pad out the features of Copy!?

And, XCopy?! That was something I used to use on the Amiga!!


It's been a bit of a quiet week, over at SoCoder, with hardly any posts at all.
I've certainly been too busy to post anything, and it seems mostly everyone else is, too.
... I think...
......I hope the site's not fucked up..

I'm just going to assume that everyone's outside enjoying the sunshine.

Apologies if this week's newsletter is a little lacking, as a result..


mweiss100 has stopped by the forum to say hi.
Creator of the Purple Martians game that Pio posted a few weeks ago, it seems like a labour of love, and has apparently been in development for 20 years! Wowsers!
I can't imagine continuing a project after that length of time. I typically tend to scrap and restart projects every time I look back at them.
But good work on mweiss's part, continuing to build up the game to epic proportions!
It certainly looks like a capable game.


The ZX Vega+ is apparently actually a thing that's happening.

The whole incident is putting a complete dampner on the actual cool thing, the ZX Spectrum Next, which is a fully working retro computer system, with neat modern advantages.
Bit pricy, mind.


; Get In Tha Choppa

Looks like NASA's got their Arny movies mixed up, as they aim to get a choppa to Mars..
"It's a helicopter, not a tumour!!"


; RIP - Margot Kidder

Co-Star of the "proper" Superman movies, Margot Kidder passed away, earlier this week.


; Letters

Jay reopens his old mailbag, and gets a myriad of content to pad out his blog.

; Remember

With just one large bucket of snails, you can backup your mind, just like Spock did.


; Get... OUT!!!

Today I Found Out looks into the history of Elaine.

View on YouTube

; Car Kit

A car, built!

; For Money

The reason everything happens...

; Kanye Tweets

From Twit to Hit in ten seconds!


; Muffins

Happy muffins are happy!

; More Dancing


; Tactics!

Bouncing higher

; Progress

Don’t be afraid of technology!
...and a peek inside! (With bonus BigClive reference!)

Word of the Week

; Twister


View on YouTube





Also, this showed up.
The description says it's the "Horse Pens Boulder"..
I think they left out a letter.

60s Cover Corner

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Vintage Danny

And to illustrate the massive difference that "enjoying the performance" brings, I give you the following two.



TVCover Corner

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And then....

VGRemix Corner

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Thursday, 17 May 2018, 14:16
Been busy with the ipad. I bought the sunriser synth app and have not touched it. Also got interested in fm synthesis. I found a couple of free apps for that and bought the fm4 app. Again I barely used that also.

Also i have found thanks to the youtube suggestions a bucketload of how to compose orchestral songs videos. I have been learning the technical words used to describe music. I think I watched dozens of hours of instruction videos.

I have not been programming at all. Last thing I did was create page 24 of my agk book.

Also, watching a lot of shroud and dr disrespect playing pubg.
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 14:25
Yeah, I blame the weather.. Forum's been dead for the past week or so. Bloody sunshine and happiness.. FUCK OFF, SUMMER!!!
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 14:36
I am not looking forward to the buckets of sweat. Next month probably it wil get real summery

Nice thing though that the vacation moneys is close to be given. Not sure what computery thing to buy now. I have no more space.
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 15:21
I've been working nights this week and haven't had much time to do anything. Plus I'm just constantly knackered - I've been falling asleep in tv programmes that I enjoy. Not good.
Thursday, 17 May 2018, 15:37
Anything in particular?