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Medieval soldiers sheet

8th September 2019

I have started trying to do different poses with these set of footmen/pikemen. I want to start experimenting with animation when I get a nice looking detailed style.

At the mome<snip>


Warriors and other characters sprites

2nd September 2019

I have started trying to create warrior sprites. The previous on<snip>


Insects spritesheet

25th August 2019

The last week I had not drawn anything. Only monday I did a insect sprite on the android phone and another one later. Though I wanted to do more in aseprite.

Tonight I looked up<snip>


New characters sprites and book

20th August 2019

A couple of days ago I joined a spriteart discord channel. There was a ebook linked in the introductions. I had looked for drawing books like that and this is actually the first that I<snip>


Sprite Study - Outline and shading and lighting

16th August 2019

I was inspired by a twitch streamers work where he was working(recreating) on some sonic sprites. I noticed the outlines were based on the inside colors of the sprite but darker. Giving t<snip>


Aseprite 32 color sheets

16th August 2019

So yesterday I was able to do some more drawing. Though my neck is really painful since a couple of days. I t<snip>


Asesprite using c64 palette

14th August 2019

I opened up Aseprite again. I have it since 2016 but only used it for 25 hours it says. I think I left it running one night also while not using it.

I tried to create several spr<snip>


Sprite Editor for Monkey2

5th June 2019

I started this at noon time. I quite like the idea of having a sprite editor to go with the language I am using. I have yet to <snip>


Another All nighter (genetic algorithm)

4th June 2019

Random maps using Genetic Algorithm


Platformer with Ropes(emscripten)

3rd June 2019

Nature of code


PyxelEdit practise on laptop

1st June 2019

Pixeling with the c64 palette


Android pixel art with pixly

26th May 2019

I started up pixly on my android phone. I not really used it before. It has advertise<snip>


Practising and learning pixel art

15th May 2019

After buying the fantasy console Basic8 I got back into drawing pixel art. I collected a lot of references over the years and this helps a lot. Google also is helpful with the amount of pictures it has.

I have spend 2 days now drawing. I have spend hour<snip>


Legend of Pandora and back to coding

10th October 2017

Made a part of a game I played this evening


Normals and Dot products

23rd December 2016

Math makes no sense.


Current Direction

22nd November 2016

Blitzmax, Monkey, Monkey2, Games



29th April 2016

Project now +/- 1000 lines



28th April 2016

Quite some reference material there.


Sprite editor getting better.

28th April 2016

New desk is getting delivered


Testing out my Pixel editor

27th April 2016

Here are some video's of me using the sprite editor. I hope to get ideas of what I can add next to the program.
I am using references. I still somewhat suck at art.

Here are video's of me trying the editor :

Here me drawing 2 monsters


Pixel editor

25th April 2016

New features

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