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Pixelart rocks step by step

2nd November 2021


I noticed Aseprite had a update. I also noticed it mentioned the tile editing was in. But it turned out this was for the Beta. I was looking forward to do some pixeling, so used*snip*


Plus shape Tileset system(pixelart)

22nd March 2021


In one of the pixel art books I have there is a page showing a method on how to order tiles so they wil placeable in a map and fit together. I have not tested the tiles I dra*snip*


Pixaki intro pixelart spaceships (practise)

6th March 2021


Pixaki(ipad) got a free test version. I found the workflow to be nice and the app itself have enough features. SInce I was working on a space mining game I decided to draw spac*snip*


Pixelart practise on the ipad

21st February 2021

I have been concentrating on drawing(learning) some pixelart. I need icons for my space game and decided on referencing Xenon 2 for this. I'm using Pixelstudio on the ipad for now. The bush/rocks/tiles are based on gfx from the team17 game assasin.



How to get sidetracked

7th February 2021

So I started the year wanting to do like a hundred songs. Than after a handfull I burned out and started coding. Than after x small things I wanted to remake a game I worked on in Monkey2. I had to continue learning this engine. I than thought I could make*snip*


Leveling with Godot and pixel art

6th November 2020

After doing spider ai with the C language and Raylib I started getting familiar with Godot. I had ordered a GdScript book and worked through it. I also made a bunch of projects based on online tutorials. I need to spend a lot more time in this editor to le*snip*


Where's my eggsack?

19th October 2020

Wow. I actually pulled a allnighter working on a game.

I wanted to put to use my recent tileset and started to make a action rpg like thing after hours of killing monsters in minecraft.



Pixel Art Tree Bush Routine(s)

4th October 2020


I spend some time studying tiles from a couple of youtube video's. (Dya Games is a good one btw)

Here I did a simple bush and tree. Also a more complex tree variant.*snip*


Wave Function Collapse Algorithm

25th September 2020

I think it was last year that I learned about the Wave Function Collapse algorithm. It is rather new. Only a few years ago it was created.
There are no easy to understand tutorials on how to learn it.

What it does is create levels from pieces of level*snip*


Starting with higher resolution pixelart(faces)

2nd June 2020


I had the idea I would try to avoid pixeling larger pixelart until I got better. But I now attempted to do 32x32px faces.

For now it seems it takes me about 30 minutes per face at t*snip*


Isometric Utopia buildings (pixelart)

11th May 2020


I made these in aseprite in the last couple of days. I had found a nice png reference of a set of buildings from the amiga game utopia.

I think I was able to learn a coup*snip*


Back to drawing!

8th May 2020


When my brother died I stopped drawing. I have been getting back into this while working on my sprite editor. Yesterday I opened up Aseprite again and had looked up a rpg pixelart *snip*


Civilization 1 tileset

22nd January 2020


I got sucked into a youtube stream where Nookrium was playing the old Civilization 1. I then started watching more let's plays of civilization 1 and 2 and started collecting r*snip*


Leather bags and weapons pixelart practise

28th December 2019


Did more pixelart. This time I started doing several weapon icons based on a reference. These went pretty well I think.

I also started watching more tutorials on how to do s*snip*


Rocks sprites part 2

22nd December 2019


More rocks from the last few days. Stil seem to not really understand how to shade them. I installed a simple ad supported 3d modeller on the ipad where I now can see light fa*snip*


Rock and roll (Pixelart stones)

18th December 2019


I was browsing through my collection of references and found a sheet with stone creatures. I tried to draw th*snip*


(again)Pixel art portraits

15th December 2019


I had bought a new pixel art book and after reading though it I got renewed energy to do some pixeling. I then made these over the next couple of days.

One or the portraits i*snip*


Pixelart Girl portraits

30th November 2019

16 by 16 using dawnbringer 32 palette


Next attempt at tiny portraits

27th November 2019


I was searching for examples of art and found a really nice portraits reference by Dan Malone (Bitmap Brothers) I now also figured out how to put 2nd image inside aseprite itself f*snip*


Trying to pixel small portraits

9th November 2019

Fantasy helmets pixelart


Second set of pixel art spaceships

8th November 2019


Last evening I opened up aseprite again. I first tried to draw a spaceship without reference but quickly found I really need a example. Again I looked up a Xenon 2 screen*snip*


Back to drawing, spaceships this time

4th November 2019



When I got into the space mining game and did some art for it I really found it hard to make *snip*


Working on a asteroids style mining game

26th October 2019



After getting help here with some math related things. I started on that mining space ga*snip*


Medieval soldiers sheet

8th September 2019


I have started trying to do different poses with these set of footmen/pikemen. I want to start experimenting with animation when I get a nice looking detailed style.

At the mome*snip*


Warriors and other characters sprites

2nd September 2019



I have started trying to create warrior sprites. The previous on*snip*

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