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New iPad(M4)

9th June 2024

I decided to buy the new iPad pro. The cheapest model.
Yesterday during a birthday party I used the older iPad to showcase the older version of chatGPT its conversation mode. It kind of showed me how this ai and then having good hardware could really be h*snip*


LLM code translation Monkey>Javascript

20th May 2024

I tried to translate a old Monkey 2 project over to Html with embedded Javascript.
The project had all its gfx as code, and no other external files. Was only 65 kb in total.
I used Poe and the Claude 2k Opus bot. This one costs 12000 credits per prompt. *snip*


Generating pixel art with filtering

22nd March 2024

Decided to continue with a old project.
Now I have 2 low energy mini pc’s that I can keep running for days. I added some filters to a image generator that is build from a binary string.
Every pass one addition is done to the binary *snip*


Old computer

7th March 2024

My mum has been trying to fix her home. Getting rid of lots of old stuff. She asked if I wanted my stepfathers old computer and monitor. An old desktop Celeron J3060 with 4gb of memory. It took me close to 2 days before it got updated. Old fashioned HDD. B*snip*


TriEd Layered Triangle Map Editor

20th February 2024

Looking at a screenshot of Gauntlet by Atari from 1985. I was thinking if I could recreate that level using triangles. Hours later I got this basic triangle tile map editor to a working state.
I has 2 layers. One big triangle tile map. And*snip*


Narrations for video

8th February 2024

I spent hours this week practicing new voices. Imitations from several top 10 lists of actors.
Today I wil finish with 3 hours of getting more familiar with Morgan Freeman's voice.
Yesterday when trying Marty McFly suddenly it went fluent for a whil*snip*


Video of a old map generator I did.

2nd February 2024

I made a short video of some older map generation code. I took some screenshots of a old game called Castles. And spent some time recreating the graphics in html and javascript.
I made some video's today and added one of my recent songs behind it. iMo*snip*


Re upload of now ai remastered old tunes.

23rd December 2023

I remastered a old collection of music that I wrote between 1992 and 2010. The remastering was done with artificial intelligence.
I was worried about new copyright problems with the new modern filters. But only one old reused melody got flagged causing no*snip*


House cleaning and sorting

3rd July 2023

I am getting the more advanced crosstrainer tomorrow. The delivery guy wil assemble it so I dont injury myself again.
I am looking at some book storage options online. I collected these books from one of my storage rooms.
Most of the book*snip*


Phone apps for health and development.

2nd July 2023

I got this phone app that can be used for tuning/freq finding/analysis/rating. Using it for vocal training since 2 days ago.
Totalenergy Tuner and metronome. (Linkage) (6 bucks)
A while ago apple added things like calorie counting and a whole range of he*snip*


Assembly failure.

6th June 2023

I had ordered a cheapish new Crosstrainer. It arrived yesterday. I started assembling it. The reviews mentioned it was doable.
My IT centric life was no good for knowing tools and parts. I put the wrong side of a part into a screw head. I think that they*snip*


Character drawing progress - megaman

23rd March 2023

I started trying to see if I had progressed enough to be able to draw better characters.
I took some screenshots of a more modern Megaman, and started practicing.
I just did the one here in my iPad app Pixaki. This a 32x32 cell.
The sha*snip*


Round ellipse head process. (Pixel art)

28th February 2023

Doing a bit of art today.
I just noticed these (round) heads could be used in Spike Dislike :)
I looked at a screenshot of a Supercars 2 screenshot. Where there is a story I think it was.


Drawing week - pixelart practice

12th February 2023

I am getting a bit more familiar with the brush. Setting the sizes and creating patterns with it. The dithering and I think beveling is a bit more clearer.
Should I order that Apple pencil 2? I might maybe use it only a couple of dozen hour*snip*


Pixelart Drawing project update..

19th January 2023

The newsletter mentioned it was not that clear what the tool I am working on was going to be.
Well, I had the idea to use some of the things I learned about procedural generation and drawing to make my own tool that uses tho*snip*


Very busy coding.

14th January 2023

I added the first file for a new project a week ago. I have spent a lot of time coding. I even think I might have forgotten to vote on the polls one or more times. My main code crossed the c64 memory size. +64kb.
I do need to take breaks t*snip*


Another new project - pixel paint brushes

10th January 2023

After seeing a pixel art tutorial I had the idea to procedurally generate the things shown in the tutorial. A bit later I thought that I might better turn the procgen techniques into custom brushes.
Waiting for ai to mature and make all the art is taki*snip*


Voxel-engine progress

10th December 2022

Slowly I am adding and expanding with my mobile voxel project.
I added water yesterday. Stil needs testing and the actual swimming as the blocks are solid. I now know the 3d engines have trouble with transparancy.
I did a quick test with s*snip*


Pirates and Castles 2 Maps

10th August 2022

I did a couple of map generators with javascript.
I think I also figured out how that touch can be disabled on the ipad. I was trying to make a touch Doom clone and controls were not possibl*snip*


Javascript game programming.

13th July 2022

6 years ago I started trying to understand how to program games in javascript using the canvas. I did not get far then.
This time I got books. The internet has been filling up with information too.
My github repo has been growing the last couple of weeks*snip*


Nature Of Code (avarage heading) - books

26th May 2022

With working on a racing game. This book 'nature of code' keeps being a reference. My math skills are not good. I do understand a bit more every time I try to learn more about that.
I was trying to figure out a way to have cars on a race track be *snip*


Racing bot in jse

20th May 2022

I have been tinkering away at a racing game. This only to learn about how to go about creating such a thing.
I made a couple of versions and ended up looking at the 'nature of code' book. Here there are some tips and tricks that I also remember re*snip*


Ipad/iphone space mining project

12th May 2022

I though I'd show my 2d space mining game project that I have in my todo list on the ipad. It is being done with codea. Codea is a ipad and iphone programming suite using lua.
The game I originally started when Monkey2 was stil alive. I did a attemp*snip*


Robotised artist.

12th May 2022

From one day to the next. Visual art seems to be close to be mostly gotten automated. I noticed something called Dall E 2 got released into Beta testing. This system can create art and photo's at high quality in seconds.
By just giving *snip*


iPad development

30th January 2022

After getting the lua game dev app ''codea'' and learning how to use it, I started using this for most of my new projects.
A while ago I made a sprite editor based on the ''shoot 'em up construction kit' one.

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