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Socoder -> Tubeage -> YT blocking ad blockers.

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Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 01:13
YT has blocked me for using an ad blocker.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 01:13
The irony is most podcasts I listen to are on YT and are filled with ads that they read live and I happily listen to. Just no interest in the irrelevant BS ads that YT plasters on everything.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 01:16
Other irony is this is on my Chromebook where I spent almost $700 on a decent Chromebook which is money invested into the Google ecosystem, but that is NOT enough for Google.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 01:36
Nice thing is I can listen to most of the podcasts on other platforms for FREE. The ones I can't, I will happily pay $9 a month for on THEIR site (adfreeshows.com), or skip those couple and pay $5 for the Patreon archives for another one. Then the money is going directly to the content creators and it is much cheaper than paying YT's membership price.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 03:02
Freetube has been so handy though.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 04:04
I don't mind ads so much. What I don't like is how YouTube tends to pop up an ad at the worst times, and when the ad ends, often 5 or 6 seconds of the video are skipped. Fortunately, on my laptop, my ad-blocker is still working for now.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 04:10
It is 16 euro's a month here for a premium membership. They recently removed the cheaper (add remove only) 9 euro' version and brought it back a day or so ago.

I was looking at a poe or chatgpt membership too. For when getting back to coding.Those are 22 a month. Once you start stacking all those subscriptions up. Money seems to empty the wallet pretty quickly.

For now I just seem to be content with those apple audio books.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 08:50
Freetube has been so handy though.

I LOVE IT, but it will not run on my Chromebook which is my main internet system.

Later today I will enable Linux on the Chromebook and install the ARM version of FireFox and see if I can bypass this on the Chromebook via Firefox.

On my Windows machines I either use Freetube or Firefox (which uses the same adblocker I have on the Chromebook) and there is not an issue -- yet.

If I did not have to use pornblocking family-friendly DNS on the wifi due to my autistic step-son, I would try an adblocking DNS.

Would not be irked as much if I wasn't using a higher end Chromebook, plus I also pay for a yearly subscription to Google Drive.

I have been reading about this happening for months and slowly being rolled out, it is finally my turn. YT has been my only source of entertainment for years now.

I happily pay for Amazon Prime and rarely touch the video or music/podcast side of it anymore.

Blocking people using ad blockers on YT will only backfire on Google. People blocking ads will NOT acquiesce so they are not going to get more money unless they raise the prices. Most people using YT do not use adblockers, so the ads are being watched and revenue generated.

Blocking people using adblockers will only cause less traffic for the YT channels, which will cause creators to look elsewhere and move to other platforms. Less visitors for the YT channels means less $$ that YT can charge to shove ads on everything as the ads will get less exposure.

I signed up on the podcast site for the ones they do that I will have to pay for now. Very happy to pay them directly instead of paying Google. Even though they are video versions on YT, I never watch them, I only listen and have my wireless earbuds on as I use the computer or do work around the house.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 08:56
Note to self : don't ever fucking bother putting ads on here.
God damn..

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Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 09:00
Fred put ads on PureBasic forums. When he first put them up it was using Bing ads. Irony was the Bing ads would crash Internet Explorer for some folks.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 11:13
I wouldn't ever bother.
.. Correction, I did once bother, a long long time ago, if you weren't logged in.
The frustration vs profit ratio was very much the wrong way 'round.

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Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 16:33
Idk if YouTube have given up, or if my adblocker is blocking YouTube's adblockerblocker, but they've stopped nagging me now and the videos are just playing without fuss again...

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Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 17:03
I have stuff that is supposed to block their blocker, but it has quit working. I know it is not rolled out to everybody and only being trialed for certain folks, but...

Oddly enough I can still download the videos on my Chromebook using a YT downloader.

Truly no rhyme or reason to the asininity of Google.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 22:19
Many people have multiple Google accounts, different mail addresses for different things. Each of those they want a $13.99 per month payment to access YT. That would be just shy of $70 per month for me!

On my Chromebook, I am used to mainly installing Android apps, of which there is NOT a FreeTube version. I forget that my ARM processor is capable of running Linux as part of Chrome OS, so I just installed the ARM version of Linux on Chrome OS.

Two clicks and mere seconds to install Linux.

Then downloaded the Debian ARM64 version of Freetube and installed it. Again two clicks and mere seconds to install it.

So, Freetube on Chromebook FTW! Even puts a nice little icon on the normal Launcher and then Launches the Linux app.

Linux us dead easy to install on the Chromebook, I am just a tad limited to Linux software that will only run on ARM, but this isn't Windows, there is LOTs of Linux ARM software, in fact the majority of it has ARM versions.

Meanwhile on Windows with FireFox no issues with YT. But mainly using Freetube there.
Mon, 09 Oct 2023, 23:23
Guessing their next move will be blocking people from Gmail who block the ads in Gmail or even block people from using Google search if they block the ads there.
Tue, 10 Oct 2023, 00:46
What is bad for creators is even if they choose not to monetize their account/videos, YT still places ads on them and keeps 100% of the money.
Tue, 10 Oct 2023, 04:45
If you're blocking ads, the site in question absolutely has the right to block you from using it.
That's as true for Google as it is for every other website on the planet.

All of SoCoder and everything else that sits on this server, from AGameAWeek to Shoebox and SpikeDislike and JSE, that's all free because I choose to make it free.
If I ever choose to ask for any payments or stick on any adverts, I would hope in my heart that people would deal with that.

You're being asked "Pay the premium or put up with the ads", and if your choice is "Neither, thanks, I'll just have it all for free", then you shouldn't be surprised when they take it away from you.

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Tue, 10 Oct 2023, 09:24
I am not in a position where I can afford $13.99 per month for even one account.

Google tracks all we do on almost any site we visit and sells that info. We are already paying. Others of us create content and place it on YT. Google places their ads on our content (whether we want it or not) and keeps 100% of the money. We are already paying.

It used to be easy to monetize your YT channel. Google got tired of having to pay content creators and made it almost impossible for the average small channel to monetize it. But, Google will place ads on your content they refuse to allow you to monetize and will keep 100% of the money. We are already paying.

Lets not even mention the inappropriate ads routinely being shown to children on age limited YT accounts.

Taxpayers around the globe are funding Google in the form of tax breaks. We are already paying.

Any rational person will actually support the creators of the content by purchasing their products, or purchasing things from their sponsors or donating to the creator -- the people actually creating the content.

Google made 279.8 billion U.S. dollars this fiscal year. The previous fiscal year, Google made 224.47 billion U.S. dollars. They are #2 in the world, for world-wide internet companies. Not only are they making record profits, those profits increased by 55.33 billion dollars just in the past year.

YT as it has existed since Google bought it and turned it from something focused on and created by small named content creators, into a behemoth that only wants to focus on corporate content, has been yearly making billions of dollars and their revenue is going up every year. YT as it has existed has been working wonderfully for Google according to their own records.

What happens when you start banning people from your service? Revenue goes down, as it has nothing to do with the ads, Google's real $$ comes from the analytics. What happens when revenue goes down? That is known as a business loss, which is tax deductible, just as business expenses are tax deductible. Less taxes to pay when you are making record profits, which means more actual profits.

Corporate welfare at its finest and Google is always in the front of the line shoving MS, Amazon and Facebook out of the way demanding more, more and more. Thankfully around the world countries are starting to stand up to these corporations and looking to break them up.

Do no evil, my ass!

I wish I could have got the tax payers to replace the $350,000 in assets I lost when my wife died and I lost everything -- everything we had worked all of our lives for. Nope, that doesn't exist for the common man. Only for the major corporations raking in record profits.

As to Socoder, a completely different scenario. You are actually a content creator, you create the majority of content here. You are in the same financial situation as most here and people would happily do what was within their means to help.

Many of us help when we can, and to the extent we can, when the creators we like who are being ripped off by YT are struggling and need a little help. Socoder is no different IMHO.
Tue, 10 Oct 2023, 23:18
Kinda documenting this so others know what to expect...

Tonight, the ban seems to be gone and there is no warning or anything and YT is working normally as it has for years and years. Issue is now they pissed me off enough I will not use it anymore. Damage is done and one simply cannot trust Google.

Like MS, Google is hard to trust as just when something new comes out and you start using it, they always discontinue it, in this case they were blocking it.

Again, since Google's inception, I (like others ) have had a Gmail account. Any email you send or receive has free advertising for Google in the form of the email address itself. Any time you use YT to visit a video's link or channel, or you share your video's link or channel, it contains free advertising for YT in the form of the domain name itself.

There is simply no such thing as "enough" for Google and they continually are changing the goalposts and the rules of the game.

Not only is it working normally now, but when it was blocked, embedded videos still played fine. Easy enough to create a hidden dummy page on your site and embed the video you want to watch and view it that way. Also, although a video was blocked you could still download it with Internet Download Manager, or any of the YT downloader plugins or sites. 80% of the time, I have always downloaded a video and then watched the downloaded video, or convert it to a MP3 and then listen to it.

So, Google gave up because they could not strong-arm me into paying for a premium account? A premium account that just increased in price right before they started doing random blocking of accounts?

Did they lift the ban on me because they realized it is not a good idea to piss off the people who have invested $700 into a Chromebook (the equivalent of 4 years of a premium account) and is actually supporting Google and its ecosystem, by also purchasing a Drive plan? In the past I used to pay for a Google Talk plan for many years.

Again, no rhyme or reason to anything Google does. Their actions as a company are so schizophrenic they are making MS look sane in comparison.

Now that I have Freetube on the Chromebook, that is all I will ever use on any system. Simply works better than YT itself and less resource hungry and properly remembers everything and enjoy subscriptions to channels that work better than YT's.

What good is blocking if it is not kept in place? A temporary blocking is worse, IMHO, as it pisses you off even more and will make you never trust Google and will make you NEVER purchase anything from them due to that lack of trust. And will make you never trust them enough to use YT or even Gmail.

The ONLY reason I had to start using Gmail, is my Dad uses Apple for his email and they were blocking my paid Proton mail account when I would send an email to him. So, I started using Gmail just so he would get it. I do not like Gmail and prefer Proton anyway.

As a creator, Rumble is much better than YT and you actually get more exposure as there are less creators so it is not as cluttered and you do not have to jump through hoops and every changing rules just to use your channel.

So what was the point of this and what did Google accomplish, except to permanently drive me away as a customer? I Love my Chromebook and will continue to use it until it dies, but I use DuckDuck Go for search on it, have all of Google's tracking and ads blocked just as I would on a Windows system. I will NOT be renewing my yearly Drive account because of this and will happily go with a DropBox account. DropBox is easier on Windows systems, but not as easy on a Chromebook, but will be worth the minor hassle.

The version of Chrome OS that can be installed on older PCs is also a good product. Chrome OS itself is VERY good and stable, just as the Chromebook itself has been.

But seriously. Google gained nothing by doing this but has lost a customer and I will never purchase anything Google again.

The premium account is a joke and no longer includes much of what it used to ad yet they jacked up the price. Like the ever changing "TV" plans and dropping series they developed that were actually good and hugely popular like Cobra Kai. Or products people used, which is why I quit using most of their products, including Gmail or even bookmarks. I was using reader and the start page when they dropped those. Never trusted their social media thing to use that, as I knew they would abandon it as soon as it got popular.

Google is like the new AOL. AOL/Steve Case went insane buying up products like CompuServe, ICQ, etc and running them into the ground. This is what Google has done with everything they have bought over the years, they are worse than MS at it.

And do not ever trust Google to refund your $$ if you cancel a paid service. I canceled Google Talk when I moved to TN back in 2015, and in spite of their promise, then never have reimbursed me. Was only like $10, but still. Multi billion dollar company, much like AOL would not reimburse folks.

MS when I used them as an ISP were awesome. Reliable service and any $$ was reimbursed when I canceled and got DSL. CompuServe was also awesome before AOL bought them and I started using CompuServe in 1980.

*shakes head* Google is going to crash and burn bigger than Yahoo did, it is just a slower crash but will definitely be bigger.
Thu, 12 Oct 2023, 07:46
I think I've figured out the pattern why Google was applying this inconsistently to me:

Google is allowing me to use an adblocker on free / unmonetised YouTube videos (like videos of birds for my cat, who can't purchase things anyway, and I don't want interrupted by adverts) and enforcing the ad blocker block on monetised videos...

Which is entirely fair enough I guess.

blog | work | code | more code
Thu, 12 Oct 2023, 11:59
For me, they were blocking everything (monetized or not (including sleep ones and ones for my cat)) and all of those videos and channels will now play without being blocked.

It seems they are randomly trying different methods in different areas and with different people. I have not read other places (and there are many active threads about this) where the block came off like mine did (perhaps it has and nobody mentioned it (but you would think they would)). Still surprised how soon it came off and I did not expect it to come off.

Most seem to move to FreeTube or one of the alternatives to FreeTube from what I have been reading. Even the tech sites are carrying articles about this and many are telling how to block the adblocker blocker, which in my case quit blocking their blocker.

Only thing with Freetube on the Chromebook, is it is NOT remotely energy efficient since it is running on the built in LDE (Linux Development Environment). Usually when I am streaming something on the Chromebook, I am working on my Windows machine. When I could be streaming something on YT itself and have the browser minimized, I could get around 21 hours of battery life on my Chromebook.

With Freetube, doing the same on the Chromebook, I get around 10 hours. To be fair, that would still be kick ass battery life for a Windows machine and the LDE is still considered BETA (but has been flawless). Since the version of Chrome on Chromebooks is going to be moved to a Linux version that will run under the LDE (to allow Chrome to be updated independently of ChromeOS), I imagine the LDE will be getting tweaked to keep the battery life we have come to expect from using Chrome on ChromeOS itself.
Sat, 14 Oct 2023, 04:14
There was a life before youtube, and if they insist on blocking the adblockers, the life will continue after youtube's downfall.
Mon, 16 Oct 2023, 06:12
Youtube started a worldwide crackdown on add blockers. I read this today.

Maybe they could lower the amount of adds if more people get served the adds. Seemed to have worked for Netflix.
Tue, 17 Oct 2023, 15:43
I am back to blocked. Been using FreeTube anyway and always will from now on, so a non-issue.

Embedded stuff like the video Spinal just posted still plays.
Sun, 29 Oct 2023, 04:38
Two can play that game: Blocked youtube before it can block me !

Sorry to the folks i follow on YT. one viewer less.
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