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AGameAWeek Redesign

6th January 2023

Oh no...
So, off to Salford I went for a chat with the neurosurgeon. It's been 2 years since my last scan, and .. although he agreed that given how horrifically the last shunt went, I should probably get frequent scans, we also agreed that, under cu*snip*


Bad Day

30th December 2022

Good Aunt 1 regularly heads over to Ireland to visit Good Aunt 2. She does this maybe twice a year, and it's nice for Good Aunt 1 to get away. Good Aunt 1 has learning/mental issues since she was in an accident as a child. She's mentally stuck a*snip*


A Decade Later

7th March 2022

Been reminiscing, today.
Reading through old threads, blogs, facebookings and tweets..
Kind of a bit morbid, if I'm honest.
That Thread
Thanks to everyone who helped keep me from going batshit insane, while I was stuck with a shifty HTC Wildfire fo*snip*


Farewell, Laptop

2nd September 2021

My sister's visiting, moving all her stuff that she left behind, to goto her new flat.
Since she's also switching jobs, and her old laptop was from her old job, she's currently laptop-less, so I did the honourable thing and don*snip*


I Had McDonalds

11th June 2021

About 5 years ago, Uncle Jimmy brought us some McDs for a treat.
Prior to that.. I'd say the last time I ventured into a McDs must've been 2009 or so, maybe??!
It's been a while, that's for sure.
McD added a new drive-thru close to our *snip*



17th May 2021

About 30 or so years ago, Mum bought some lovely cutlery for the house.
Over the years, knives have been bent as makeshift screwdrivers, spoons have been snapped in half trying to dig far-too-cold ice cream out of the tub, and forks have just plain vanish*snip*


The Consultant

30th April 2021

Early last year, I was fighting for my PIP disability, and one of the medical guys suggested I should probably be getting more frequent checks.
With a little back and forth, my neurosurgeon decided to get a consultant to chat with me. The consultant also*snip*


Little Boat

14th February 2021

I've been asked how I made my lovely little 3D boat, in this weeks (still unreleased!!) SmileBASIC game.
It's entirely 2D, made only from simple rotated sprites.
I've written a quick and simple version in BlitzMax, which you can hopefully fol*snip*


The Arcade

14th May 2020

A huge arcade. Vast space, loads of cabinets.
But suddenly, an invasion..
The BBC decided to move in, removed a few units, and set up a temporary Snooker area, right in the middle of the arcade.
People were shunned out of the way, and ...then.. from th*snip*


Expensive Day

22nd April 2020

December 2018
Oven dying..
It's a fan oven.
We generally need to cook things at about 20 degrees above the higher (none-fan) temperature to cook properly.
The hobs can be quirky too.
Need a new oven. We'll leave it until after Xmas, since thi*snip*


Selfish Whinge - Down Day

5th November 2018

Last week I got a new PIP disability form to fill in. 15 written questions describing in detail all the depressing issues that I have to deal with in day to day life.
I struggled through with my usual cheery demeanour, and filled in over 1000 words about*snip*


Another New Watch!

17th July 2017

I removed the Fitbit Blaze from my wrist, unclipped it from it's strap for the 50,000th time, and popped it into the charger. Something I'd done the day before.
7 days, it said. 'Average 7 day battery life'
After just a few months of owning it,*snip*


Five Words..

16th July 2017

Working on a redux of Letter Lattice for iOS, and am in need of some nice groups of words to make the game a little more fun, and bulking up the numbers a little..
All I need a group of 5 little words (<12 letters) which all fit into an obvious col*snip*


iOS - Prepare for Submission - 2017

12th July 2017

I've been playing with Quadoban iOS for the past few days, and I think I'm nearly up to the point where I can submit it.
For those who haven't tried it, using Monkey-X to compile an iOS game is relatively easy.
Make sure your game runs in all*snip*


Rewatching ''1 Litre of Tears''

25th June 2017

I last watched the Japanese Drama Serial 1 Litre of Tears around about 2009/10.
A story of a young girl hit with a degenerative disease that destroys the link between her Spinal Cord and her Cerebellium.
Back then, it was simply a show that made me more *snip*


Molly On The Couch

30th November 2016

This is the second day in a row that Molly's sat on the couch with me!!
Realistically, it's not me she's sitting with. It's the new blanket that she's seemingly fallen in love with.
She's also scrunching *snip*


Spilling my Noodles

22nd October 2016

Went downstairs, made a lovely bowl of noodles.
Came back to bed with noodles.
Sat noodles down, hopped into bed, leaned over to grab noodles.
Hand let go of noodles.
Noodles F'ing everywhere.
A right fucking mess.
About a month ago, my ha*snip*


Blippity Bleeep!

30th October 2015

At 4:30, something in my bedroom went ''blippity bleep''
I've no idea what it was, but it sounded like the noise Windows makes when you disconnect a USB device.
I woke up with a startle, and lay in bed for a few minutes, wonder*snip*


Doctor Two

18th August 2015

Had an appointment to see the nurse, so headed all the way down to the health center.
My Blood Pressure hasn't been officially checked for a while, so they needed a new reading.
''Umm...'' Went the nurse, whose job it is to take readings like*snip*


New Fence..

14th March 2015



Three Years Later...

6th March 2015

March 6th 2012 : Taken into hospital with High Blood Pressure and Vomiting
March 8th 2012 : Brain Surgery for Tumour removal.
Previous Health Updates
Aug 2012 : (Linkage)
Feb 2014 : (Linkage)
Aug 2014 : (Linkage)
2012 wasn't a very fun year for m*snip*


Stripping it All Away

21st December 2014

Today I did something I should've done ages ago.
As some of you might've previously read, I recently took over the domain of LittleLever.info.
For the most part, this was a rather frivolous purchase, and it won't ever really come to anything.*snip*


Health Update

20th November 2014

Nothing new to add!
Just been up to Salford for my regular 6 month chat with Dr/Mr Leggate. (Google-fu for nosey peeps : Leggate Salford Royal )
The general gist was ''well, if it's not gotten any better, then chances are it never will.'' E*snip*


I Stubbed My Toe...

30th September 2014

So.. I'm halfway through reorganising my bedroom, and as you can imagine, there are boxes and random items scattered all over the floor.
It's ...''manageable'', and I can just about shuffle my way from place to place, but .. Grrr..


Bedroom 2.0

15th September 2014

So... I ordered my new shelves..
Maine, Extra Deep bookcase, with Drawers, in ''Walnut Effect''.
The walnut should look good against my decades-old wood panelled bedroom walls (there since we moved in!!) and should hold a decent amount of my DVD*snip*

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