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Javascript game programming.

13th July 2022

6 years ago I started trying to understand how to program games in javascript using the canvas. I did not get far then.
This time I got books. The internet has been filling up with information too.
My github repo has been growing the last couple of weeks*snip*


Nature Of Code (avarage heading) - books

26th May 2022

With working on a racing game. This book 'nature of code' keeps being a reference. My math skills are not good. I do understand a bit more every time I try to learn more about that.
I was trying to figure out a way to have cars on a race track be *snip*


Racing bot in jse

20th May 2022

I have been tinkering away at a racing game. This only to learn about how to go about creating such a thing.
I made a couple of versions and ended up looking at the 'nature of code' book. Here there are some tips and tricks that I also remember re*snip*


Ipad/iphone space mining project

12th May 2022

I though I'd show my 2d space mining game project that I have in my todo list on the ipad. It is being done with codea. Codea is a ipad and iphone programming suite using lua.
The game I originally started when Monkey2 was stil alive. I did a attemp*snip*


Robotised artist.

12th May 2022

From one day to the next. Visual art seems to be close to be mostly gotten automated. I noticed something called Dall E 2 got released into Beta testing. This system can create art and photo's at high quality in seconds.
By just giving *snip*


A Decade Later

7th March 2022

Been reminiscing, today.
Reading through old threads, blogs, facebookings and tweets..
Kind of a bit morbid, if I'm honest.
That Thread
Thanks to everyone who helped keep me from going batshit insane, while I was stuck with a shifty HTC Wildfire fo*snip*


iPad development

30th January 2022

After getting the lua game dev app ''codea'' and learning how to use it, I started using this for most of my new projects.
A while ago I made a sprite editor based on the ''shoot 'em up construction kit' one.


Pixelart rocks step by step

2nd November 2021

I noticed Aseprite had a update. I also noticed it mentioned the tile editing was in. But it turned out this was for the Beta. I was looking forward to do some pixeling, so used the ipad and iphone.
On twitter the #pixelart hashtag sometime*snip*


Game Development Progress

13th October 2021

I couldn't find the initial topic for my game so I will put any future progress in this blog.
Here's a more up to date version: 2021/41/GameTeaser (.zip)


Farewell, Laptop

2nd September 2021

My sister's visiting, moving all her stuff that she left behind, to goto her new flat.
Since she's also switching jobs, and her old laptop was from her old job, she's currently laptop-less, so I did the honourable thing and don*snip*


I Had McDonalds

11th June 2021

About 5 years ago, Uncle Jimmy brought us some McDs for a treat.
Prior to that.. I'd say the last time I ventured into a McDs must've been 2009 or so, maybe??!
It's been a while, that's for sure.
McD added a new drive-thru close to our *snip*



17th May 2021

About 30 or so years ago, Mum bought some lovely cutlery for the house.
Over the years, knives have been bent as makeshift screwdrivers, spoons have been snapped in half trying to dig far-too-cold ice cream out of the tub, and forks have just plain vanish*snip*


The Consultant

30th April 2021

Early last year, I was fighting for my PIP disability, and one of the medical guys suggested I should probably be getting more frequent checks.
With a little back and forth, my neurosurgeon decided to get a consultant to chat with me. The consultant also*snip*


Plus shape Tileset system(pixelart)

22nd March 2021

In one of the pixel art books I have there is a page showing a method on how to order tiles so they wil placeable in a map and fit together. I have not tested the tiles I drawn here though so I might need to modify later on.
I had looked up*snip*


Pixaki intro pixelart spaceships (practise)

6th March 2021

Pixaki(ipad) got a free test version. I found the workflow to be nice and the app itself have enough features. SInce I was working on a space mining game I decided to draw spaceships to testdrive pixaki. This time the size I tried was 32 by *snip*


Pixelart practise on the ipad

21st February 2021

I have been concentrating on drawing(learning) some pixelart. I need icons for my space game and decided on referencing Xenon 2 for this. I'm using Pixelstudio on the ipad for now. The bush/rocks/tiles are based on gfx from the team17 game assasin.


Little Boat

14th February 2021

I've been asked how I made my lovely little 3D boat, in this weeks (still unreleased!!) SmileBASIC game.
It's entirely 2D, made only from simple rotated sprites.
I've written a quick and simple version in BlitzMax, which you can hopefully fol*snip*


How to get sidetracked

7th February 2021

So I started the year wanting to do like a hundred songs. Than after a handfull I burned out and started coding. Than after x small things I wanted to remake a game I worked on in Monkey2. I had to continue learning this engine. I than thought I could make*snip*


Leveling with Godot and pixel art

6th November 2020

After doing spider ai with the C language and Raylib I started getting familiar with Godot. I had ordered a GdScript book and worked through it. I also made a bunch of projects based on online tutorials. I need to spend a lot more time in this editor to le*snip*


Where's my eggsack?

19th October 2020

Wow. I actually pulled a allnighter working on a game.
I wanted to put to use my recent tileset and started to make a action rpg like thing after hours of killing monsters in minecraft.
(does gif posting work? - click to animate)
Next i*snip*


Dos raycaster

4th October 2020

Hey! There's current a Dos Game Jam going on, and so I'm writing a first person raycaster-engine for DOS. Hopefully I'll make enough progress before the end of the jam to actually bolt a game onto it too, but we'll see.


Pixel Art Tree Bush Routine(s)

4th October 2020

I spend some time studying tiles from a couple of youtube video's. (Dya Games is a good one btw)
Here I did a simple bush and tree. Also a more complex tree variant. The last one I spend some time on.
Aseprite is 6 hours away of being *snip*


Wave Function Collapse Algorithm

25th September 2020

I think it was last year that I learned about the Wave Function Collapse algorithm. It is rather new. Only a few years ago it was created.
There are no easy to understand tutorials on how to learn it.
What it does is create levels from pieces of levels.*snip*


JNK PixelArt 2000 and Counting

22nd June 2020

JNK posted PixelArt #2000 today. It has taken 5 years 6 months and 22 days for this phenomenal achievement.
For @pixelarf daily challenge, JNK incorporates the challenge in a very creative way every single day.
Every pixelart has its own title from the s*snip*


Starting with higher resolution pixelart(faces)

2nd June 2020

I had the idea I would try to avoid pixeling larger pixelart until I got better. But I now attempted to do 32x32px faces.
For now it seems it takes me about 30 minutes per face at this size. I stil have no clue as how to do shading.
I hope*snip*

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