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Learning OOP Ropes

3rd March 2008

Yes, I'm learning the ropes of OOP programming and in BlitzMax.
Here are 2 very short examples...as I get down the concepts and techniques.

'program oop1.bmx
'to learn and demostrate OOP in BlitzMax
Type KAT
Field image1:TImage

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Titan Quest......

25th February 2008

Yay!!, I finally got the game Titan Quest. My brother bought me this for my birthday present and along with treating me to the movies too. We saw Jumper. I thought this was a pretty good movie.
Anyway, back to Titan Quest. This game is so fun and so very*snip*

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Titan Quest

17th February 2008

Last night, I have finished Titan Quest. The demo of Titan Quest. Wow!, what a game. :)
Such an involving game and lots of quests...those of the main quests and those of the side quests. Never have I seen so many since the days of playing the Might and M*snip*

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Alan Steel

14th February 2008

His real name was Sergio Ciani of Italy. He became a well know and respected bodybuilder in Italy and then the whole world for his time. A lot of the bodybuilding in the sixties and seventies was centered in New York and mostly abundant in California at th*snip*

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The Hearts

14th February 2008

I know its for Happy Valentines Day.
And the time is pulsating with many hearts for true love
and love renewed. As well as the beating of the Hearts on this site as well.
But I'll mention the other side of Hearts.
The Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan P*snip*

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Could this be...

9th February 2008

Could this be a start of a real ''I Am Legend'' from
the movie starring Will Smith and from the book written
by Richard Matheson.
the original news article is gone...perhaps to avoid a panic and/or spin control.
Leprosy outbreak causes concer*snip*

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The Atlas Shrugged

2nd February 2008

Atlas Shrugs
Jack come home from work. Threw off his tie and coat
on the couch and collapsed in the sofa chair. Damn bunch of stupid assholes at work. Ahhhhhhhhh, time to relax and even sleep.
''Honey, is that you?''
''Yes, dear. So tire*snip*

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A Bowl of Super...

2nd February 2008

The Superbowl is going to be held this coming Sunday.
It will take place in Phoenix. Around 3:00pm Pacific Time,
approximately 4:00pm in Arizona.
The Patriots are favored to win. Yet, I'm going with
the Giants because their last game was really clo*snip*

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31st January 2008

lines drawn and topics posted and replied.
Monitored for on topic-ness and checked and filtered
for any violations of the TOS.
Easatee. Easatee. E-asa-teeeeeeeee
Bill woke up from a strange dream about monitoring
posts and topic replies.*snip*

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Isometric Push Ups

23rd January 2008

I have given up weights almost altogether
for working out and exercise. With the exception
of using light dumb bells for trunk twists and lateral
raises. And for occasionally, to use as a partial
gauge to measure the force I can generate to push,

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Those Perplexing Parrots..

19th January 2008

These birds are known as Psittaciformes in taxonomic systemlogy and include lories, parrots and parakeets.
From artic regions to the hot tropics, they live in various climates.
Social by instinct, they can gather and live in small to even thousands in nu*snip*

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Quick Review.....

12th January 2008

A short and quick review of a new movie I saw last night.
Last Night(Friday), my sister and I saw ''In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale''.
It was above average and similar to the Lord of the Rings
movies and books by Tolkien. A comp*snip*

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um um....hey! :)

10th January 2008

For those who are sleeping, half asleep,
or just waiting or pre-occupied on this board.
Resident Evil:Extinction is out.
Very good movie too. And the best one in the series too.
Also, even though I did like Beowulf movie...the most current one. The S*snip*

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With Valentines Day

8th January 2008

With Valentines Day approaching
Love is in the air and romances renewed
And, Cupid striking his arrows heart true
here is What To Do On a Date.
enjoy :D

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My Start on the DS...

4th January 2008

Last night or actually the early morning
I started researching and reading up on the Nindento DS.
I first started with the link Spinal gave me.
It was good he pointed me in the right direction as far
as the hardware and operation of the unit was conce*snip*

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National Tresure:Book of Secrets

27th December 2007

What can I say??
I don't want to give anything away.
The intro was really good. However, it
fell flat at the end and I was dissappointed with it.
Let me say that I Am Legend was a whole lot better.
But on a scale from zip to 10, I give the second N*snip*

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What I was given...

27th December 2007

What I got on Christmas....
I'm such a geek when it comes to Star Trek.
Like the Comic Book Guy on the Simpsons. :D
I got Star Trek:the Next Generation(STNG) season 6
on DVD and also a cool Star Trek calendar.
Although I wanted Ghost Hunters season*snip*

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24th December 2007

Apologetics: is the branch of thelogy which defends and proves the truth of Christian doctrines.
In my case, its the defending the truth of the matter
and proving an alleged account and resolving the matter if true.
I am sorry if I have come across a*snip*

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Super Skateboarder :)

19th December 2007

I open my eyes and scream ''what the hell am I doing!''
I'm in mid air going off the ramp and attempting a 360.
I confess I'm not too bright on geometry and all those
degrees. Even a 180 would be better.
I'm scared and nervous. Damn! and shit!*snip*

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Butterfly Blog

17th December 2007

heya all,
gotta tell ya all of this weird dream
I had. What a weird dream it was too.
No doubt infuenced from watching the movie
1408 based on one of Stephen Kings' short story
and starring John Cusack and Samuel Jackson.
And no doubt as well with*snip*

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My Walk :)

13th December 2007

Yes, just about 10 minutes ago
I went on for my walk.
Gotta say that I feel much better
and its shaken the cob webs out of my head.
Plus, I can breathe the less stale and dirty
air outside rather than inside my apartment.
I would jog and run like*snip*

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Bags of Bahhhhhh

12th December 2007

Bags of Bahhhhhh
I'm sorry for deleting my posts in the
Xmas Avatars section. As well as deleting my Einstein
XMAS equational avatar.
I'm just not so Christmasseee this year of this
month in the year of our Lord of 2007.

All *snip*

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My haircut

10th December 2007

Marge Simpson and her hairstylist. ;)
I finally got my haircut. I got it a few days ago and over
at Supercuts. When my hair goes down below my neck and especially when I'm eating hair...its time for that clean cut.
So, I went over and across the Oakri*snip*

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The Christmas Chopping

7th December 2007

No, not a dark,gruesome horror movie
where a store employed Santa at Christmas goes crazy from
''Mall Madness'' and starts chopping everybody with an axe.

And not neither a nice,wholesome nostalagic story down memory lane where my family..*snip*

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Wake Up Kitty

5th December 2007

I sent this clip to my friend.
This is good animation
and is very funny and cute.
And you cat lovers out there..you know how its like. ;)
Feed me, I'm hungry! :)

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